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About Monsoon117

Patreon: My Way of Becoming an Author

I'm a full time writer. I focus on novels, making my website, and engaging with my readers. I still haven't completed everything I want to do though. Here's a list of what I want to accomplish over the long run.


Ξ Creating a website for my novels using Wordpress Ξ

Ξ Starting up a Youtube channel about various topics Ξ

Ξ Hiring a professional editor to speed up my uploads Ξ

Helping me with my goals isn't the only thing you guys are doing. These are some of the benefits you'll receive if you donate. 

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Ξ The New World Ξ (Ongoing) Daniel Hillside finds himself trapped in a game world. One were he's at the mercy of old gods, the eldritch, and even his own skin. Will he be crushed under heavy heels, or will he rise and become a boundless storm? Read to find out.

Ξ Monsters Dwell in Men Ξ (Finished) A tale of a boy named Jack as he struggles to accept the other worldly forces that manipulate his body and mind.

 Ξ Jehovah's Harmony Ξ (Finished) As Jack's reputation grows, so does the legend of the Darkened One. Rumor speaks of his coming to Nelastra and the destruction he leaves in his wake. Only the newfound hero, Saint Jericho can save him...or can he?

Ξ Biomancer: Songs of Sirens Ξ (Hiatus) The story of Pyrex and Allure as they discover the The Fog isn't as it seems and neither is the Melotic Empire.

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100% complete
For Real Professional Editor - I drastically underestimated the cost of an editor. I'm sorry about that guys. I'm still working to publish my novel on a budget, but it isn't easy. For now, I'm doing most of the editing myself before getting a professional to look at my work.
I'm praying this is enough to publish my novels at a fast rate. My fingers are crossed.
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