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About Moofie

I'm Moofie and I draw stuff. Welcome to the patreon! I'm a self-taught freelance artist and I like drawing cute girls. I'm probably best known for drawing Twitch emotes, but I recently have been wanting to get better at other types of art (specfically anime-style) and learn animation o: Basically, I love art and want to share my journey with you guys! I won't be able to update the patreon TOO often with how much work I have to take on each month, but this is by far the best way to support me and who knows, maybe I'll be to do personal art fulltime eventually ;---;

 My patreons get exclusive access to content such as~
  • Patreon exclusive art
  • Tutorials and WIP's
  • Patreon only giveaways and raffles
  • NSFW/ Lewd art~ (18+ patrons only)
  • Commissions discounts
  • Custom art pieces
~and more!

After you pledge any amount for the first time, please message me on Patreon or Discord to be added to the Patreon group doodle photo! 

Big thank you to everyone who would consider supporting my art! (:

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100% complete
Thank you guys so much ;---; this allows me to take a couple slots off my commissions each month to work on personal art!
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