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About The Moon Gallery Project & Art Moon Mars

The Moon Gallery is an initiative for public engagement, outreach & space exploration through art.  The Moon Gallery aims to serve as a focal point for ideas and visions of a Moon Village community instigating intrigue, imagination and inspiration for space exploration.

– An international collaborative artwork and a gallery of ideas worth sending to the Moon
– A 10 by 10 cm patch of Lunar Lander exterior panelling is one intended venue for this Gallery.
(There are 100 cells available of 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm for submissions)
– Dissemination of information & aesthetic crowdsourced organism online.
– The educational program offering ArtMoonMars & Moon Village workshops worldwide.

We are excited to announce that Moon Gallery was selected for the Salone del Mobile Milano Ventura Future (9-14 April 2019). We will have our own gallery space provided by the Ventura Projects (http://www.venturaprojects.<wbr>com/) of about 20 m2 and will be able to present a special selection of submissions. We think it is a great opportunity for the gallery as well as for individual artists & designers to get more attention, publicity, supporters and participants, so congratulations to all of us!
New Moon Gallery destination: Ventura Future! Ventura Future focuses on future developments in the field of design. In the framework of this show Moon Gallery aims to address how the challenges of space exploration drive innovative design thinking and interdisciplinary collaborations.
Our team is working very hard at the moment to make this opportunity happen, preparing all the PR materials, planning the exhibition, thinking of the transportation and installation. We ask you to support Moon Gallery exhibition in Milan making on its way to the Moon. 

Moon Gallery overview 2018 and Core Team members:
Abstract 12/2017:
Abstract 12/2018 & Report:
$5 of $2,280 per creation
We need to reach our goal of 2280 dollars to pay the first installment for the exhibition space rent. This will bring Moon Gallery half way towards its goal of making a show at Ventura Future! 
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