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Hi! Thank you for stopping by!
Moonchild Productions, originally the name for my personal works in art, music and software, has grown to be a small community of dedicated people who, for over 10 years now, have brought you the Pale Moon web browser. This Patreon page has been set up to primarily support that browser project.
Your donations will also go towards the Basilisk web browser and not in the least the XUL platform that lies at the base of both browsers and that is being used by an increasing number of independent third-party applications which you can see at

Thank you for wanting to support our efforts in creating a community-driven browser!

Your support through Patreon will directly help our development by keeping the lights on, assuring we aren't forced into compromising deals, and with your help may even become fully independent and ad-free.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a service where you can pledge to send a regular payment to creators, so they can support themselves and keep making new stuff.

Patreon is better for us than advertising or sponsorship. The content is 100% uncompromised, payment is more predictable, and we don't need to stoop to questionable high-rate advertisers or other shady practices.

Patreon means that we can serve our users, not advertisers or corporate sponsors. And you are free to pledge any amount you can afford or want to give, with no strings attached.

How often will I end up paying?
You pay when you sign up, and then at each start of the month. We always aim to have regular updates to the browser each month, but as things go with software development there is no guarantee that a release will be ready in any given month, since we go by the premise to "publish a new version when it's done, not enforced by a calendar".

Why do you need the money?
We'd love to become completely advertisement free first and foremost, but our irregular donations and sponsors simply haven't provided us with something steady enough to do so. To ensure our independence and avoid any censorship or bias enforced by advertisers or corporate sponsors, this will be our first goal to reach.

Development of a complex, modern browser is no easy task, and I personally put many, many hours into it every month as a (more than) full-time commitment (it's not a hobby!). Aside from myself, other people spend lots of time improving the browser, providing support to users, etc. all as volunteers - I'd like to be able to give back to them as well! Next, we have bounties for people who want to help with our development of specifically challenging things, that will also be funded by you as a patron.

The money is also used to pay for our hosting of servers and free services that users of the browser get access to (like Sync, the support forum and automatic updates). Occasionally, hardware will need to be upgraded and replaced too in workstations used to develop software and compile the browser.

What's in it for me?
Although we don't have any rewards or tiers, rest assured all your support will be put to good use in terms of offsetting development and hosting costs, remaining independent, and keeping the necessary coffee flowing. So for now we can only provide you with the good feeling of supporting something that will keep pushing back against the corporate strong-arming going on on the Internet.

$353 of $400 per month
When we reach $400 per month, it means we can become completely ad-free on our websites and kick Google to the curb.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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