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Hello! This is Grete, the artist behind Moonlore! I'm an Estonian living in the Netherlands.

I'm primarily a comic artist and illustrator, leaning heavily towards the fantasy genre.

I have several comic projects in the works, the main one being "It's an Odd Kind of Fairytale" a fantasy adventure comic centred around the story of Freya and Lana, two girls who become Chosen Ones (a surprisingly common occurrence in that world!) and then go on a perilous quest to prove that they are worthy of the powers bestowed upon them.

I also have another project called Aberrant Tendencies going on that is a whole bunch of queer 18+ Teratophilia/Xenophilia comics! The project has 12 or so sexy monster comic ideas so far, with the end goal being for me to be able to collect them into anthologies of 6 stories per book, which will be crowdfunded, and Patreon is here to help me survive and meet my mundane needs while I work on this project. Every time we need to start thinking about which comic will be next on the to-do list, there will be public polls where we narrow the options down to 3, and Patrons will be able to pick from the remaining 3.
Each NSFW comic will be about 12-24 pages long with a few exceptions here and there where the plot requires a few more pages, but none will go over 36 pages.

My goal is to produce one page of IAOKOFT per ever 2 pages of the NSFW comics, and any extra pages from other projects are simply bonuses!

Tiers are subject to change, but these will be announced a few months in advance. I'm still building the Patreon and coming to grips with what time I can dedicate to it. As I become more familiar, tiers will include more things such as polls and commissions, and even freebies sent to your doorstep!

Mystic Library Tier:

This is the SFW content tier. Pages that will be posted here are from SFW projects only, such as IAOKOFT, or The Wizard's Shadow.
Here is a list of things you can expect from this tier:

  • Early Comic Pages
  • Behind the scenes of comic pages: Scripts, Thumbnails, Sketches.
  • Doodles, sketches and studies of art. More behind the scenes stuff of my art!
  • End of the Month SFW pdf of the sketches that I produced over the month.
  • D&D worldbuilding, monsters, information about important NPCs
  • Access to unlisted videos that only Patrons will have access to
  • (Eventually) Private Mystic Library tiers streams

Forbidden Archives Tier:

This is the NSFW content tier. This tier includes all the content from the previous tier as well as new content exclusive to this tier. Here you will be able to follow content from IAOKOFT and other SFW comics as well as my NSFW content.
Here is a list of things you can expect from this tier:

  • Early Comic Pages to public content
  • Patreon Exclusive Comics that will not be released to the public
  • Behind the scenes of comic pages: Scripts, Thumbnails, Sketches.
  • Doodles, sketches and studies of art. More behind the scenes of my art!
  • End of the Month collection of sketches in a pdf format, both SFW and NSFW.
  • D&D worldbuilding, monsters, information about important NPCs.
  • Access to a special poll that will be the deciding factor for which NSFW comic I will produce next.
  • Access to unlisted videos only Patrons have access to
  • (Eventually) Private Forbidden Archives and Mystic Library tier streams.

Any questions, enquiries or issues you might find with my page, contact me @MoonloreDraws on twitter, tumblr or instagram, or just email me at moonlore (at) hotmail (dot) com
$129.44 of $350 per month
Reaching this goal means that the guaranteed number of pages I get done per month goes up!
When we reach this goal, Instead of being only able to guarantee 2 NSFW pages and 1 SFW page a month, the quantity gets doubled to 4 NSFW pages and 2 SFW pages per month!
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