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If you want more of the content you love, and you are on a budget - this is the tier for you! 

  • You gain access to Die Shrink, an eclectic Patreon-exclusive podcast about specific subjects in Computer Hardware, Science, and Gaming.

  • Gain access to "Telegrams" - a chance to ask questions of guests on air, and give input on Die Shrink episodes.  

  • You will also get access to the discord and a special role.
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The Most Content [Unlocked Core]

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Gain deep interactions with the channel's community, and gain access to a mountain of Exclusive content!  This is the most popular tier.

  • You gain access to an ad-free version of Broken Silicon 1-2 days early every week.
  • Gain the ability to directly ask questions through the Reader Mail Channels in the discord that will be read live on the Broken Silicon Podcast, Loose Ends, Die Shrink, and in Q&A videos with guests.
  • Vote on the subjects of Die Shrink Episodes. Help decide the subjects of future episodes.
  • Gain access to extra pieces of content in the back catalog like Hits & Gems, Fly Over States, and the entire back catalog of Broken Silicon episodes.
  • Become included in the credits at the end of videos produced while you are at this level.  It's a permanent thanks for your support.
  • Special random perks like behind the scene info, and random stuff I come up with. 
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Podcast Call Out + More Power [10GHz]

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This is the level of support where you get to really affect the direction of MLID. You get heavy interaction with the creators, and this level of subscription is the backbone of what makes the channel expand its content.

  • Become prominently highlighted in the credits at the end of videos.
  • Your name will be read aloud by Tom at the end of every episode of Broken Silicon.  You are immortalized in every episode you support!
  • Not only do you get to vote on the next episodes of Die Shrink, but you get to vote TWICE and on as many options as you want!   
  • On discord you will be specially highlighted in community discussions, and your messaging capabilities will be enhanced.
  • Of course you still gain access to all of the content in the lower tiers.

Intel's dreams of yesteryear have come true, thank you for overclocking me to the 10GHz !!!!!!!!!!
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About Moore's Law Is Dead

The Moore's Law Is Dead Team creates videos, records podcasts, and writes articles containing in-depth commentary and analysis of what's going on in Technology, Gaming, and Computer Hardware.  

Most importantly, we endeavor to keep our content entirely unfiltered. Whether you agree with us or not, our opinions are genuine. We don't do sponsored reviews, and we don't tone down our opinions to appease a public that increasingly seems to hate freethinkers.

This platform is only possible if it can draw from a large base of monthly supporters. While we appreciate all of our fans, we rely on our Patrons, and they get a ton of content for funding our work:

  • YouTube videos weekly.
    • Patrons chat with the community & creators on discord 
  • Broken Silicon podcast every Tuesday
    • $4+ Patrons get it Early and Ad-Free
  • Die Shrink podcast every other Friday
    • Exclusive to Patrons
  • Loose Ends LIVE Q&A monthly.
    • $4+ Patrons get free questions and an Ad-Free Version
  • Additional Bonus Podcasts & Posts occasionally.
    • $4+ Patrons get Bonus Content Early and the entire back catalog of content

To be clear, this isn't a hobby. It's a full-time job for Tom, and it's also something Gerard (Audio Engineer) & Dan (Co-Host) have come to rely on to pay the bills every month. We need support, and we are honored by those who reward our work with their monthly pledges.  Come join the community, we are waiting for you!

-Tom, of Moore's Law Is Dead

1,121 of 1,536 patrons
At this point it's clear there is a large fanbase enjoying the content MLID is outputting regularly, but it's becoming very hard to keep things up without a larger team and some upgrades.  Specifically we would like to afford to:
  • Build a proper studio for Tom to do content from. A lot of upgrades are needed to facilitate timely in-house testing, and purchasing the components needed for said testing. We don't get sent free stuff.
  • Hire a dedicated renderer who can help estimate the looks of products MLID leaks BEFORE they are public.
  • Enrich Broken Silicon with Visual Upgrades. The weekly podcast will start adding face-to-face video of hosts and on-screen articles in episodes we believe would benefit from said enhancements.
  • Work towards becoming a full Tech Channel with more ad-free content for Patrons.  The ultimate goal is providing entirely ad-free versions of videos to Patrons before they go live on YouTube.

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