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A little extra if you have it - standard support option except you have now unlocked my core multipliers.

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Minimum requirements for decent gaming.  You are no longer a lowly 3-Core CPU, your fourth core is now unlocked! 

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This is the level of support where you get to really affect the direction of MLID. You get heavy interaction with the channel, and this level of subscription is the backbone of what makes the channel expand its content.

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But can it do 5GHz?  How about 20GHz on Graphene!  Silicon is so last century...

  • As a Producer, you get access to the "boardroom" on the discord where your opinions directly affect the direction of this Platform.  This server is never muted, and that's because I always want feedback from people at this level. 
  • You get a special call out at the end of every Die Shrink Episode.  The entire MLID community will know you are someone pushing this platform forward (now, and forever).
  • Feel free to directly ask me what I know about anything going on long before I do any video on it.

This is the level for people who have desire to really push Moore's Law Is Dead to the next level, or perhaps want as much power over directing the channel as possible.

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These are the best yields of Graphene, and they have 4 Threads per core.  Your new God-Tier CPU doesn't break a sweat when you open 1,000 Chrome Tabs...

  • This tier is there for people who truly want to make this Platform thrive as quickly as possible, or want a "Red Phone" to communicate with the creators of this channel.  

  • Feel free to call me, email me, or whatever you see fit.  You are an Executive Producer.

This is the "consulting tier" that allows for frequent 1:1 discussions regarding what's going on in the silicon industry.

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About Moore's Law Is Dead

I create videos, record podcasts, and write articles containing in-depth commentary and analysis of what's going on in the Technology and Computer Hardware landscape.  My opinions are often not just informed, but also end up incorporating insights most of my peers overlooked.

This insightful commentary has lead to the rapid growth of my channel, and I must point out that I have correspondingly added community-requested features at an equally rapid pace.  Most of the things outlined in my "goals" are being accomplished before I even get the support I said I needed.  That's because I don't want to get paid before I deliver, I deliver in the hope that it will be worthy of my supporters' contributions.   

In fact at this point it's not really just a "Techtuber channel" anymore. This Platform, Moore's Law Is Dead, has rapidly grown into a major part of the larger Tech Commentator Renaissance going on right now.  Oh, and this Renaissance of the PC Hardware Space is long overdue.

This Industry used to have incredible Journalists, but let's be honest - most PC Hardware websites in 2019 have turned into a dumpster fire of paid product reviews, shilling, and "articles" that are literally just press releases copy-pasta'd on the main page of a Techsite.  I hope to be one of those that puts out this fire and replaces the smoldering dumpster with actually accurate coverage and analysis of products in this fascinating space.

To be Clear: This isn't "just a hobby" I do on the side.  This is now what I would consider my main job where I put most of my energy and passion.  Hopefully this Platform gains enough support to become the only job I need to do every week, but unfortunately we aren't quite there yet.  If you just discovered my content, I would be honored if you were also one of those that contributed to the growth of my work with a monthly pledge.

And if you do pledge, drop a wink or "Hello."  I love it when people say "Hello." :)

-Tom, of Moore's Law Is Dead

252 of 384 patrons
If I can upgrade my supporter bandwidth to 384-bit, I will be able to afford exerting professional effort towards keeping the content frequent and high quality.  At this level you can expect this channel to become something much bigger.  Specifically:
  1. I will expand the platform substantially.  Think Sound Engineers, dedicated video editors, or other additions to the "Moore's Law Is Dead" Team.
  2. I will commit to producing an average of multiple Videos a week, and the quality will be higher.
  3. The podcast will move towards having a new episode every week, and I will work to ensure no "gap weeks."
  4. I will work towards adding more features to  Articles from Tom, articles from other members of a team, and useful pages like a "GPU Hierarchy" chart that is regularily updated.
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