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Hi there! The name is Lee, or as I go by online, Moosopp/Moosefroos or Moo is good too.
I make mini comics and I love to draw, especially original work! You guys can help support me so I can give you more content on my stories and other works you'd like to see in my style.


When will I get to see your reward packs

Before the end of the month. Around the 25th~30th.
5$+ are packed together in zip file and sent via email
If you do not receive your rewards, you can message me and I will figure out the problem!

Am I able to see your past works?
Nope! Just the month you joined on.
2$ will be shared and you can see those! Plus the discord chat don't grow old.

Tier 2$ FREE TO READ but you will get to see page process on my discord!

MAIN project is my webcomic: SUNSHINE BOY
Which you can read here

(Updates two pages every Wednesday)
Sunshine Boy is about a kid named Kelly, moving to a new environment and making new friends. This story is about parents making mistakes, kids growing up and figuring out where they fit into the world.
PG-13: Contains swears/drug use and emotional stress
Genre: Slice of Life/Comedy/Drama

A Call Away From Home
(Currently on revamping stages, Prologue and CH1 drafts can be read on patreon for 2$)

Dahlton is a loner, a triplet, and a conspiracy theorist who knows, just knows, that aliens walk among us. When an eccentric billionaire named Casper explodes into his life, Dahlton soon becomes suspicious of this strange man. But are his odd requests just the whims of a spoiled rich guy, or something a little more...alien?

PG-13: Contains swears/Violence and Death/death-mention
Genre: Paranormal/Comedy/Drama


(Updates 1-2 strips a month on patreon!)
An alternate universe spin-off of A Call away from Home starring Dahlton and their alien godparent.
PG-13: Contains swears/Dark humor/death-mention
Genre: Slice of life/Paranormal/Comedy

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