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    About Moral Armor

    Thank you so much for your support; it means everything! 

    I've spent over 20 years developing the philosophy of Moral Armor; all fueled by a passion to understand the confusing world of morality--or Good and Evil--all unpaid. The possibility of dedicating myself to this full-time would be a dream come true. My interest in Morality was driven by an abusive Christian upbringing. I knew something was drastically wrong in the world; with extensive study of philosophical and moral systems, came great clarity, but also at great cost in time and energy. I needed to define a simpler, easier way to determine right and wrong in order to guide my actions in day-to-day life. Everyone else on Earth needs a simple, accurate approach as well since they're busy with their own lives, and they shouldn't be at the mercy of another's interpretations. 

    What I discovered along my journey through philosophy's subcategory, epistemology--is that there's a Pattern to Cognition itself, that we all in fact, share. The pattern follows exactly the structure necessary to sustain biological life. If you recognize Life and Death as our practical moral standard, then you'll quickly be able to see, at a much deeper level, what is good for us or evil, and who stands where. I synthesized the pattern of cognition and developed a moral-philosophical structure from it, which can be seen, tested, and verified in one sitting. I named it after what we all need: Moral Armor. With this structure planted at the foundation of your thinking, you'll have complete moral certainty for every action and every day, putting an end to your guilt, fear, and moral hesitation, allowing your spirit to flourish in open sunlight as you've always deserved.

    My videos books and CD's (mp3's) offer a clear understanding of timeless, universal principles and their application to important events in our world regarding good and evil--to protect us on our journey and to exalt the best within us, which often suffers the most. Throwing the covers off evil and exposing them for what they are is what I like to call "The Revenge of the Fittest." Join me, and let's seek it together.
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