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To our dear MM's,   

thank you for arriving on our Patreon page today. This simple action alone shows that you either have an interest in channel MM or that you may be considering supporting the channel's production & growth by becoming one of our beloved Patrons! 

Either way, please feel free to read-on and get to know us and our vision a little more if you are interested in doing so :).

Now, you may be wondering..

Who is behind MORBID MINDS?

When channel  MM launched in November 2016, it was run solely by a 28 year-old Wife & mother of 2 (me hehe), who was yearning to share her love for true crime and horror with other like-minded individuals via the YouTube community. It was my Husband (who is also a true crime/horror fanatic) who gave me the final push I needed to begin this epic journey. As a complete novice to YouTube, Twitter and all other forms of social media, I began (with my dear husband's assistance) establishing the 'Morbid Minds' brand, in order to launch 'MM' into the community with a BANG! 

I was so fortunate to gain such a great following reasonably early on in the channels life :) I applied the basic skills in production/editing I had acquired over many years of periodically being taught and helped by my husband (who is a friggin' genius editor!) and published my first couple of videos!

Granted, looking back they were super basic (hahaha!), but they were fortunately good enough to gain some traction within the great horror community and provide me with the MM formula. I would always get my awesome husband to approve of all my scripts, research and productions to ensure they were of an adequate standard :) He was just as engrossed in the project as I was and we just decided to continue the MM journey as a team. Our first official joint project was our cover of the notorious serial kill JEFFERY DAHMER and we were just overwhelmed with the increase in quality and reception from our subscribers (our critics ;) .  

We work extremely hard to provide those who watch our content with high quality, edgy, dramatic audio/video production (now provided by my partner in crime ;) and in-depth scripts/research (now my domain hehe) for an overall real horror experience.

And we just hope you all LOVE IT!

But now you may be asking yourself....

Why should I become a Patron? 

In light of the fittingly named 'AD-pocalypse' on YouTube, many creators have seen a HUGE drop in any potential earnings they were able to secure via their content. However that wasn't the case for us, as we had opted not to collect Adsense through our channel since we launched. We were more impacted by the change in algorithm, which hugely reduced our presence within the community :( 

But there are a few reasons why we decided to start our Patreon page:
  1. It is in no way solely for money! But more so to further motivate us to continue to dedicate countless hours of our time, to provide amazing content for our viewers. Just the thought of a like-minded individual pledging their hard-earned cash towards the future of 'MM' is such an overwhelming thought, and the drive we would feel if that lol!  
  2. We also would love to continue to update and improve the quality of our production, to enable us to provide increasing levels of quality for our supporters. Our Patron pledges will be injected straight back into MM to ensure that this happens. 
  3. I am a full time mother (my Husband works full-time alongside being a devoted and dedicated Husband and Father) to 2 amazing children and we produce all the content you see on channel MM, when the little ones are in dreamland (haha hoping they don't wake and delay a recording session lol)
  4. Each one of our productions (exc. Most Morbid Facts which requires 3-5 hours) take an average of 8-10 HOURS to complete in it's entirety because we want to provide the best we can. As you could imagine, this is a extremely strenuous process, but we remain dedicated to produce content as we know that we have gained an amazing community of people who love our work and support our channel (we are so grateful)
  5. Another huge reason, is that we do not want to be restricted to producing 'YouTube friendly' content . As one could tell from our channel, we touch on subjects that many others wouldn't and we let our viewers witness the harsh realities of the atrocious crimes/individual's we cover. We want to continue to produce content we want to, the way we want to, for those that make what we do possible

All we can promise is that if you invest in Morbid Minds, you won't just be a PATRON to us, you will be just as big of a contributor to MM as we are. 

But regardless of the decision you make, we want to thank you for taking the time to visit our page and we appreciate your support for MM.

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You have no idea how humbled we will be to reach this initial goal :)   
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts

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