Heather Gold + Katie Halper is creating Morning Jew

The headlines this week: are they good for the Jews?

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Morning Jew is comics Katie Halper and Heather Gold who survey the news every week and ask: is it good for the Jews? We also feature segments like Name That Jew and I-Can't-Believe-They're Jewish, shondeh of the week, and soon guests which could mean you thanks to the patronage and opinions of people like you. You don't have to be Jewish or circumcised to send us tips. Our site is http://MorningJewz.com


New York, NY, USA
Oakland, CA, USA

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I'm Heather Gold. I started videoblogging in 2007 and began to try a new show idea with fellow comic Katie Halper in 2009. We'd look at the news that week and ask: is it good for the Jews? We connect over Skype from Oakland to New Yawk to bring you the Jewish angle on the news, whether or not it exists. We have an incredibly low bar for Jewqualification. Even seeing a bagel is enough.  After the first few experiments we had an early fan and supporter in Ruth  Ann Harnisch who loved the show and encouraged us to keep at it. She not only pushed us with her words, but she donated to the show, to make sure it happened.

Thanks to her and other supporters, we've now done over 25 episodes and the reaction to the show has been pretty amazing. So even one conversation of encouragement or small act of conviction from someone can have a big effect.  

If you want to see the show put out every day, or receive an Honorary Jew process an certificate, a nice piece of cake or have Morning Jew perform in your town you can back us here on Patreon and help make the goodies happen. Your patronage will help us continue to dedicate time to make the show and to make it better.  Thanks Bubbelehs!

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