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About Mort Todd

Mort Todd's company Comicfix has been putting out an eclectic variety of comics for years, mixing the classical aspects of the comics people grew up with, along with a modern sensibility. The incredible talent involved ranges from legends of the comics industry, to some very familiar names as well as promising new talent.

There is so much potential with the various imprints we've been releasing, but we have been handicapped with limited distribution and a lack of exposure to the public at large. With the help of you patrons, the titles will get more visibility, we'll be able to reward the creators (the majority of the material is creator-owned) and get these comics and titles into other media platforms, like animation, film and licensing. By being a patron you'll have access to comics (both print & digital), art prints, T-shirts and even original art. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the rewards we're offering! For pledging as little as $1 a month, you'll get full access to the new Pix-C web comics site, featuring a variety of exclusive comics by some of the world's best creators!

Comicfix is the umbrella name for five distinct imprints of comics; all fun and of interest to a wide audience. They are Charlton Neo, Comicfix, Mystery Island and Zeus Comics.

CHARLTON NEO started humbly as a Facebook fan page called The Charlton Arrow started by Fester Faceplant to celebrate the long-dormant, third-tier comic publisher that went out of business in the mid-80s. Fester devised a fanzine tribute to the company and its still-cherished public domain characters, and as more and more professional creators joined in, it snowballed into a full-fledged comic book. Paul (Death of Archie) Kupperberg and Roger (Daredevil) McKenzie joined with Mort Todd to comprise an editorial staff, using their contacts to attract a wide range of contributors with stories covering almost every genre. The Charlton Arrow has gotten much acclaim, including "the coolest, hippest, comicbook that was published during this calendar year" and one of "PopCult's Favorite Comics."

Five issues have come out so far, with the 6th ready to go. The excitement was such that two more titles are ready for release: Charlton Wild Frontier #1 and Paul Kupperberg's Secret Romances #1, which, as you might assume, encompass the western and romance genres... with a twist! As The Charlton Arrow continues, more titles are on the drawing board, including Charlton Noir, a detective series, Charlton Pulp, featuring illustrated text stories, and Charltoons, a funny animal book. Perhaps most exciting is Charlton Action, which will feature adventure heroes along with the beloved return of E-Man by creators Nick Cuti and Joe Staton.

Some of the stellar creators being published by Charlton Neo includes Jim Aparo, Mark Arnold, Jeff Ausin, Eduardo Barreto, Howard Bender, Pat Boyette, Rick Burchett, John Byrne, Sandy Carruthers, Jason Caskey, Chuck Dixon, Ron Fortier, P. D. Angel Gabriele,  José Luis García-López, Joe Gill, Daerick Gross Sr., Bradley Mason Hamlin, Matt Hansel, Dean Haspiel, Javier Hernandez, Barbara Kaalberg, Gary Kato, Jack Keller, Rob Kelly, Pat Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, Paul Kupperberg, Gary Kwapisz, Batton Lash, Roger McKenzie, Frank McLaughlin, Andrew Mitchell, Michael Mitchell, Jack Morelli, Lou Mougin, Dave Noe, Fernando Ruiz, Steve Skeates, Bob Smith, Jack Snider, Rick Stasi, Joe Staton, Steven Thompson, Kevin Tuma, Mort Todd, Ruben Vera, Enrique Villagran, Neil Vokes, Matt Webb, Mark Wheatley and Larry Wilson, with many many more soon to enter the fold!

To see more about the origins of The Charlton Arrow and the history of Charlton Comics, check out this video with Fester Faceplant.

COMICFIX, since the turn of the century, has been creating newspaper comic strips, music videos, animation, TV commercials while publishing comics and is now going to be releasing more than ever... especially with your patronage!

Some past titles included Weird Menace, a collection of horror comics written and drawn by Mort Todd (with a little help from artists John Severin, Gray Morrow and Cliff Mott).

All-Protoplasman Color Cavalcade collects 5 stories from the Big Bang Presents series, in color for the first time, with story by Gary Carlson and illustrated by Mort Todd. It features Protoplasman, the Human Water Balloon, is a fun-filled homage to the Golden Age Plastic Man comics.

A most unique title from Comicfix is the photo novel series starring Sadistik, The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal. These are outrageous European photo comics set in the jet-set go-go 1960s with an unstoppable criminal clad in a skeleton suit. The novels also feature many actors familiar to Euro film buffs of the era that appeared in many spaghetti westerns, spy and horror films. Though it has been reprinted all over the world in a variety of formats, it has never been presented in English until now by Comicfix.

Each volume has thrilling movie-length photo comics and is supplemented with articles on the actors, pin-ups and filmographies. Comicfix and Mort Todd produced an Italian language documentary, The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal, directed by SS-Sunda, interviewing many of the actors and behind-the-scenes personnel.

Available now is the Sadistik Double Feature Thriller and a new 650+ page book in it's original digest format, the Sadistik Deadly Violent Digest. The latter boasts a foreword by Swamp Thing artist, European film buff and DVD commentator Stephen Bissette.

Along with more photo novels to be released, there will be some comic book versions of Sadistik, both foreign reprints and all-new stories by a cadre of international artists. Plans are also afoot to create a Sadistik animated web-series. An amazing action figure was also released in 2015.

Coming soon from Comicfix will be a collected trade paperback of The Holy Terror, the masked wrestler horror comic by Jason Caskey and Phil Hester. Originally published by Image Comics, only two issues were released, and cancelled before the third and conclusive issue came out. The collection is newly colored and includes the awesome climax!

In the 1980s, while at Cracked magazine, Mort Todd created the beloved Monsters Attack! magazine. It was in the tradition of the classic EC Comics and Warren magazines and featured some of the same artists. A trade paperback collecting the best of these stories, many written by Mort, will soon be issued by Comicfix. Some of the artists include John Severin, Steve Ditko, Pat Boyette, Alex Toth, Gene Colan and others. A separate color collection of Steve Ditko’s contributions will also be released as Ditko’s Weird Comics, which has been approved by Mr. Ditko.

My Strange Life as Bat Lady is a collection of comic strips from the Molly the Model series with art by Mort, Cliff Mott and Pat Redding. It is about a model, who during the pre-production of a fictional Bat Lady film, learns there really was a Bat Lady and she is heir to the legacy! A spin-off series is being considered.

A compendium of Mort Todd and John Severin’s Celebrity Biografix comic strips will also be released. This was a newspaper strip that featured biographies of famous actors, politicians and sport figures that ran in the New York Post.

If patronage is successful, Comicfix will look into obtaining the rights of other properties Mort worked on in the past, but are owned by other entities. These include the Speed Racer and Big Daddy Roth's Rat Fink comic strips written and drawn by Mort, collections of the original Cracked magazine and a collected edition of the Bob Marley biographic comic Mort did with Gene Colan at Marvel, along with some of the other rock comics.

MYSTERY ISLAND started as a website featuring music interviews & reviews, and covering retro-futuristic pop culture of all manner, and produces print publications with pulp stories, poetry and other entertaining ephemera. Head honcho Bradley Mason Hamlin has created a fascinating line of metaphysical action heroes and teamed up with artist Mort Todd to have them visualized. Over a dozen heroes have been developed the form the core of the top Secret Society.

A new comic, Secret Society Origins, has been produced by Brad and Mort that features the amazing stories of how some of these agents came to be, including: Eddie Crossbones, the Living Skeleton P.I.; Lucy Hell, Devilgirl; and El Secreto, the Mystery Man. If this title is as successful as it portends, spin off titles will be published along with an anchor team book, The Secret Society.

Brad and Mort have also produced a series of comic strips based on a super villain adversary of The Secret Society, Frankenstein 9. This is a humorous take on the mad scientist, along with his whole wacky family and will be produced as a paperback.

In anticipation of reactions to these blockbuster concepts, T-shirts, art prints and other merchandise have already been developed.

ZEUS COMICS started as an April Fool's hoax by Mort Todd, when he stated that he had found a treasure trove of Golden Age comics in the wall of an old house. The media dutifully reported his find and reports appeared on TV, the web and in print until Mort disclosed it was a prank the following day. Interest was such that Mort decided to create a book about the faux Zeus Comics and its eccentric publisher, Ziggy Zoosman.

The book, Burn This Comic!, is almost complete and is lavishly illustrated with the lurid Zeus covers and comics, along with a history of the company and commentary on some of the stories. A Zeus Comics Facebook page and a Zeus web page has been set up where you can see a lot of the wild art and more info on these "lost" comics. Here's a TV report on Mort's "discovery:"

The 1950s was a dark era for comics when they were being blamed for juvenile delinquency and other societal maladies. Many creators have shown interest in creating stories in the Zeus Comics vein, and if patronage is successful enough, there may be some new titles "reprinting" these Zeus classics!

As you can see, Comicfix is a little company with big ambitions! With almost no budget, we've been able to put out some fantastic titles with phenomenal talent! With a little help from you patrons we can become a force to be reckoned with in the comics field and beyond! We publish something for everyone, ranging from humor to horror, wrestling to hot rods and everything in between... including superheroes! All these titles have the potential to expand beyond comics into film, TV, toys, video games and other merchandise. Please consider being a patron to Comicfix and thanks for your support!
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