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Since 2006, Mortalitech have been working consistently on audio, visual and literary compositions, many of which are as yet unreleased.
With Patreon funding our aim will be to deliver all the workings of the creative process; that we compose on the way to our third album The Ultraeon Precept, along with other musical visual and written materials, that further explore the universe we inhabit.
Please support Mortalitech.
The complexity of Classical.
The sounds of Electronics.
The aggression of Metal.

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1. To upgrade our instruments, special effects and online image to the highest possible standard 
2. To release our third album Sky Fortress - most of the material is written but unrecorded.
3. To release a novel or short story of the Mortalitech story with artwork - in progress with our writer.
4.To release two music videos - each one contrasting the other in reflecting different sides to our unique genre.
5.To tour Europe - several dates being discussed currently in currently three countries.
To assimilate technology and personnel into the Mortalitech Battalion: fans, artists, influences, experiences, with the goal of creating our sound track for our envisioned future.
We follow the story of a dystopian future in which the mind can be read as audio/visual/extra sensory digital outputs, and input, and self-made deities fuse psyche with digitality to evolve, conquer, create and destroy one another’s being and omnipotence in an ever recursively mutating existence. The first album Initial Procedure follows the catalytic character The Subject, who triggers the reconstitution of our reality as seen today through the construction of the Mortalitech Procedure. A device that exposes the inner workings of the subconscious mind in digital format, a technological advance that triggers political and philosophic outcry. The outcry leads to The Subject's temporary incarceration and the beginning of the reign of Codec Prime. This tyrant soon has the world subjugated to his design and with complete control of resources and personnel sets in motion the construction of a Sky Fortress, the ultimate off world weapon and laboratory.  On the ground the unfinished digital copy of the opposition’s leader Retric makes possible The Subjects escape. As The Subject emerges to defeat Codec in the Mortalitech Global mainframe.  This physio-virtual conflict is seen in length in the second album SigmaRespawnSigma.
Genetic systems analyst Aos, undetected opponent of Codecs regime makes her way on board Sky Fortress and ultimately gains control with the aid of Nex, the fortress’s sub-persona.  The ensuing power surge gives rise to a new entity comprised of copies of both their minds, the schizophrenic android Psitech IXE. These characters attempt to create a new hive mind society whilst avoiding the mistakes of the past which ultimately has its integrity tested again by The Subject. This story is in the process of being written and released as a novel, samples of which are available on at our website
Equipped with mechanical instrumentation and premeditated improvisation, the live shows aggressively hypnotise The Battalion with epic, perverse, psychedelic and brutal performance art. Shows have featured: Rape Incarnate engaging in live torture scenarios; Trotula manipulating live visuals, Missa Blue Psychotic burlesque, Anooshka Nereid cybernetic facial reconstruction, Eric Perera Laser-face-melt and NeuroCuritorial Bluetooth EEG stimulated visual montage, all under a Biological vs Mechanical theme. This entails a full assault of the sensors and receptors of The Battalion. We encourage them to come prepared in mind, and armoured for after the catalytic point.
Our primary focus is the creation of our envisioned future in a live environment. We aim to expand on what we have already through means of PR agreements, live performances and other new opportunities. To continue to assimilate and create new symbiotic relations.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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