Mortal Podcast is creating The MortalVerse

Member of the MortalVerse

$1 /mo
Member of the MortalVerse
  • Access to patron-only Discord Server
  • Entry into our Mortal drawing when we hit our patron goal
  • Access to patron-only content 
  • Shout out on the podcast

Deeper in the MortalVerse

$3 /mo
Exclusive Behind the scenes of The MortalVerse
  • Patron only videos from the studio
  • Phone call with us welcoming you to the MortalVerse live on the podcast!!!
  • Plus all previous rewards

Master of the MortalVerse

$10 /mo
Free shit!!! We will send one exclusive item from the podcast!
  • 1 monthly item from Mortal Podcast.
  • Q&A video session via Google hangouts during a podcast episode or private