Mothman is creating Illustrations

Rosey Maple Moth

$1 /mo

Rosey Maple Moth Tier

-Patreon feed updates

Venezuelan Poodle Moth tier

$5 /mo

Venezuelan Poodle Moth tier

-Early access to art work and videos

-Access to WIP feed of pictures

-Voting on the Monthly patreon picture

Regal Moth tier

$10 /mo

Regal Moth tier

-Challenge the moth- suggestions for the monthly piece will ...

Luna Moth

$20 /mo

Mothra Tier

$50 /mo

Mothra Tier

-1 free waist up commission every 6 month

-Any ...


$3,000 /mo

why does a moth need this much money, why would you pledge this much money?


-As many commissions as I can do in that month

-A copy of any printed material I make for patrons forever