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You are the Mothman! This title means you have pledged $5 a month to seeing my content (why?). Thank you very much! In this tier, you will be given early access to drawings, access to a private discord chat (run by my friends and I.) Every month I will sketch something up that someone from this tier suggested. It will not be in an order and it will be randomly selected. This drawing will also come with a speedpaint! Lastly, you get photos of my pets (because everyone loves animals!) 

The Mothmyth
per month

You are the Mothmyth. How mysterious! You have pledged $10 monthly to my content, so thank you! In the Mothmyth tier, you gain everything the Mothman had and more! The additions would be work in progress photos, my procreate brushes that I use most often, photos and descriptions of materials I use for my content, and 2 monthly drawings done in color. (This drawing will be of a suggestion from someone in the Mothmyth tier. The drawing will be sketched with color.) I will also be uploading the speedpaint of this. Lastly, you will be given access to monthly full sketch pages. I will post a questionnaire on my Instagram and ask what to draw. If the answer is TAZ: Balance, you will see an entire page full of sketches from TAZ: Balance.

The Mothlegend
per month

You have pledged $15 per month and earned the title of the Mothlegend, a tier only few ever survive through. Thank you! In this tier you will receive everything the Mothman and the Mothmyth tiers offer and more! You will get access to my Paint Tool SAI brushes and will be getting how to videos on simple drawing things like eyes, noses, etc. If I get things together and make that youtube channel, you will get a shoutout to whatever social media you have! Thank you oh so much for pledging $15 per month! I will also be sending you a personal thank you!




I’ve always been an aspiring artist and I would like to show myself that I could sell my work to people like you! I made this for my own personal reasons and I am very excited for the adventure of owning a Patreon and what will come from it. Thank you!💕
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When I reach 50 Patreon pledges, I will pick 2 to get a portrait drawn on procreate. I will then send them the private speedpaint of said drawing, and send the drawing itself to them through PM!
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