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About Evan Moxie Kitchener

All the streams are done and now it's UP TO YOU to personally decide the right songs to be included on the album! Sign up and cast your vote on the 52 songs!
Voting closes on December 15th!

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Couldn't be bothered to sign up to yet another site but still want to cast your vote on what songs should be on the album? I hear ya! Just donate at least $1 at this handy Pay-Pal link and get voting! Credit cards are accepted also!


My name is Evan "Moxie" Kitchener and welcome to my Patreon page!

This is a livestreamed and interactive music project where you the audience can watch, give real-time feedback to me and help shape a brand new song being written and recorded from scratch each and every week for a year.

For over 15 years I've been creating music and made over 9 albums and now I want to use technology to try out something a little different. I want to create The World's First Interactively Recorded Album. #TWFIRA

For this project, I will be hosting a series of 3-5 hour Youtube Livestreams. During these events you the audience will be able to use Youtubes live chat to provide your input, like:
  • Song Titles
  • Instrument Choices
  • Give Realtime Feedback
  • Lyrics Suggestions
  • Choose the song's structure
  • As well as anything else you want to contribute as the song is being created on the spot

Then after 52 weeks, there will be 52 songs and you'll vote on which ones you want to be on the final album. You'll get a front row seat to see exactly how each new track is created on the spot with no preparation other than a drum track.

You'll see tips and tricks about recording and writing and a bunch of my own special song creation techniques like my special R.E.C method of song creation and how it applies to popular songs and how you can use it yourself.

Each session will usually be streamed privately for Patrons on Youtube on a Sunday or Monday at:
  • 8pm Melbourne Time (Australia) which is 5am Eastern Daylight Time (America), or
  • 10am Melbourne Time (Australia) which is 7pm Eastern Daylight Time (America)

And don't worry if you miss a session stream as they will all be archived and available for you to watch at any future time for your convenience.

Each month we'll also randomly pick a lucky pledger who will win that's month collection of signed lyrics sheets signed by all people involved with that month's songs.

As well as the finished album there will also be a companion "B Sides" album. Pledgers can also get the album a whole month before it's put out to the rest of the public! I have also decided to no longer put any of my new music out via Spotify, Apple or Amazon anymore and so here and on Bandcamp.com will be the best places to access my new music.

  • Rod Lara (aka Soul Brutha) - Singer
  • Damo Musclecar - Singer/Guitarist
  • Alex Yabsley (aka Dot.AY) - Chiptune/Gameboy
  • Jared Brown - Singer/Guitarist
  • Jack Bolton - Flamenco Guitarist
  • Paul "Hopi" - Instrumentalist
  • Maxime Cordeil - Guitarist
  • Teleri Holton - Singer
  • Julian Langan-Fox - Keyboard/Guitarist
  • More to come!

So come and join the livestream chat and give us some suggestions and feedback as we go along. Help us choose the songs to be put on the album and while you're at it, help us name the album!

So thanks for reading this and if you have any questions check out the section below for additional information and don't forget to check out all the different pledge levels!


That is all.

Evan "Moxie" Kitchener

Question: "What if you miss a weekly stream session because you're sick or your internet dies?"
Answer: So far I haven't missed a weekly session in the last 2 years but the internet can be dodge in Australia, so in the event that I'm unable to complete that week's stream, I will either do a makeup stream as soon as possible for you or I simply will not charge any patrons that month.

Question: "What is the genre of music you'll be creating?"
Answer: The style of music will vary but will generally be in the realm of Alternative Rock. My musical style is varied and I draw influences from such artists as Beck, Ween and Faith No More. It's a blend of friendly nihilism and absurdity wrapped up in a tasty alternative rock package.
But each guest will bring their own influence to the session so you never quite know what might happen! If you want to listen to some more examples of the 125 tracks recorded in unstreamed sessions so far you can listen here.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WWWM-lqubA

Question: "Will absolutely everything be recorded on the spot on the night?"
Answer: All the instruments for that week's song will be recorded on the night but additional vocals may be recorded the following day as the streaming session are held at night in an apartment and I don't want to anger my neighbours too much late at night with loud singing. It will also spare you having to sit through irritating vocal warm-ups :) Also, possible coarse language warning.

Question: "But I don't quite have 3-5 hours to spare every week!"
Answer: I understand, we're all pretty busy these days. So rather than watch the Livestream you can just keep up with the finished song each week. Then if you hear one you really like you can go back and watch the archived stream of it and see step by step how it was created. Or you could take advantage of the level 3 pledge Highlights Video of the weekly stream session.

Question: "10% of the money raised will be donated to charity?"
Answer: Yes, 10% will be donated to Cancer Council Australia. www.cancercouncil.com.au

If you have any other questions just ask them here and I'll do my best to answer them. Thanks.
$74 of $400 per month
I'll create a music video for the most voted for song that has been recorded so far.
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