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When you want to support me, but simply don't have the funds. This tier was created with those who have little to nothing to spare, but really want to help.
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This tier will pay equal to a twitch subscription and help me fund my snack addiction! No, you can't have any.

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You will get a personal thank you on twitter! (Provided I can find you that is!)




Why Patreon?

Patreon was the first platform that came to mind as a subscription based service that can both benefit me and my viewers (You?) without my channel being directly monetized. 

What's in it for me?

That's... well a good question. As this is not going to be directly tied to youtube, there is no obvious bonus I can force youtube to give you. Each tier will have different subscription bonus I will keep up with. 

Why should I support you?

Honestly, you should only do it because you enjoy my content. Everything I create I do not get payed for. It's up to my viewers to support me. If you don't think I am worth the subscription then don't! I will never force anyone or guilt trip them into subscribing. <3

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