Mr. Biggs is creating a podcast

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Mr. Biggs Dollar Value Menu
$1 or more per month patrons
Hey Roger!  Look at this.  Folding money.

Mr. Biggs appreciates the support.  All single dollars received will be placed in an empty pickle jar.  When the jar is full, Mr. Biggs and Roger will have a modest pizza party together.  No decorations. 

You'll also gain access to the Patreon-Only posts, where you'll get...
  • Early access to shows
  • Access to Patron-only posts, where we'll answer questions about how the show is made.
  • Exclusive extra audio and never-heard-before clips.
Mr. Biggs will drink coffee
$2 or more per month patrons
For 2 dollars a month, Mr. Biggs will spend it on coffee at a local diner, chosen by him.

He will sit quietly at the counter, holding a 3x5" card with your name on it. He will look at the card periodically, and think pleasant thoughts about you while he drinks his coffee.

He will tip 25% out of his own pocket.
Roger will name your pet
$3 or more per month patrons
As long as you are donating 3 dollars a month, you may ask Roger for pet name suggestions.  
He's got quite a knack for it. Previous pet names Roger has chosen include Mr. Snibbs, Imhotep, Brumbly, and Seth. (You may not use these example names.)

Pro Tip - You may use Roger's suggestions as human child names as well.  Just tell him it's for a cat. 
Mr. Biggs will mispronounce your name
$5 or more per month patrons
For 5 dollars a month, Mr. Biggs will thank you during the podcast, and struggle to pronounce your name.  

Roger is not permitted to offer assistance.

We will rotate thru the list of patrons, and read 3-5 names per show.
Be the voice of Stick It!
$10 or more per month patrons
For a monthly donation of 10 dollars, we'll use your voice as the STICK IT Jingle stab!

Stick it! (Do dee dum)! 

In other words, whenever we use STICK IT jingle stab in the show, your voice will air instead of the current voice we're using.

If we get more than one Patron donating at this level, we'll rotate through them.

Mr. Biggs will answer your phone
$20 or more per month patrons
For 20 dollars a month, Mr. Biggs will record a personalized outgoing message for your voicemail, including any information you want. 
Mr. Biggs will send you stuff
$50 or more per month patrons
For 50 dollars a month, you join Mr. Biggs' Adhesive of the Month Club. You'll receive a Biggs approved adhesive or adhesive-related item via the mail every month.

Anything from a gallon of UV-cure epoxy resin, to a stick of school paste, a tube of Shoe Goo, or a roll of Biggs' favorite off-brand double-sided tape.  You'll never know what you'll get!
Mr. Biggs will call you
$100 or more per month patrons
For 100 dollars a month, Mr. Biggs will schedule a monthly phone call with you personally. You may decide what is discussed, or simply use the time to ask Mr. Biggs for advice on any topic.  

The call will be recorded, and released on the podcast feed as a "Featured Patreon Big Spender Phone Call".