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it's me, BornFree.

my patreon page has won a number of awards for being best in class...j/k, it's very basic at the moment.

watch this video:

it's do or die time for me. i'll be focusing on the content. but over time I'll likely figure out how to manage this page. possibly tiers. lets see. for the moment my patrons are just here to support me and what I do - which I guess is FGC content: interviews / streaming / skits.

within the next few months we'll know if I can keep doing it, with your support :)

join me on this journey and let's see what happens.

$74.47 of $1,000 per month
the idea, per the video on the front page, is to keep me alive with a roof over my head.

in return I will be providing content (including interviews) across the FGC, different players, different games, different communities, including the most poverty ones (this is the FGC after all!).

i'll also be trying to keep my expenses down and move somewhere with a good climate (see my video re. health).
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