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About Drithyl

Who am I?

Just a self-taught coder that thought he could contribute to the Dominions community by supplying automated direct-connect hosting in the form of a Discord bot. I started this a couple years ago when my group (the Clockwork Hounds) first moved to Discord and I saw the possibility to not only lend the dedicated server I've been renting to host games, but to make the process smoother through a chat bot.

Why Patreon?

Over the years, I've made many improvements to the system, but one thing remained constant - I kept the bot within my own Discord group. It was easier to maintain that way. Now, with its latest iteration, that has changed. The bot will now be featured in some of the biggest Dominions Discord servers out there (Dominions and Reddit) and is intended to provide hosting without my intervention (besides when it comes to hammer down pesky bugs).

This, of course, means that the infrastructure needs to be on another level, able to host more than just 20 or 30 games. Unfortunately, I no longer have the funds to pay for that myself, as I've been doing these past few years, and so I have turned to Patreon so that those of you who would like to contribute can do so.

Is it necessary to pay to host games using the bot?

No. The point is precisely to provide free automated hosting to as many people as possible.

What does the money pay for?

I've thought about this for quite a while. Beyond displaying the costs to run the operation, I cannot control whether people end up contributing above that per month or not, and I could certainly use some extra income to justify the time I invest in developing and maintaining the bot. And so, I came up with a commitment: aside from clearly showing the running costs, I will always keep no less than six months worth of server costs from your contributions to pay for the operation, which should be more than enough time to seek alternative solutions if funding falls through or costs go up. Thus, whoever wants to contribute any more than that will be aware that the extra money will be considered a tip to me.

What else?

Thank you for reading this far and considering a contribution. From here on, this project would not be possible without its contributors. If you're interested in the bot's code, you can find it here and here.

- Profile picture by Kuznetsowski. Cover image by Pete Linforth.
$90 - reached! per month
With the v4 update, the new server nuwa was added, which is as large as local, and nataraj was resized to be on par with local as well. We also added automatic snapshots to roll back to previous server snapshots if things go catastrophically wrong. This has raised the monthly cost to around ~90$.
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