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is creating Practical wellbeing for creatives
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About Graham MacLeod Johnson

Creative workers are uniquely placed to work themselves into a breakdown, to burn out, and to generally have a rough time of it. We create work that draws on our emotional core, allowing our passion to drive us past what would be the breaking point for most people. Our jobs are insecure, sick pay is a dream from a far off land, and after all of this we're expected to post an instagram story with a happy face. To top it all off, most of us are self trained in business skills.

I want this to change. I'm going to make a toolkit for artists to self define their self care, working in the ways that promote the best health and the best work outcomes for them, whilst changing how we approach pastoral care in the industry.

It's a big job, and it'll take time. I want to do it well, because I want you to have the best tools to look after yourselves. I want to be able to do research into what's causing issues for people, what's being done and what's not. I want to be able to bring in other creative workers to consult, because a toolkit made from one perspective might only be good for one person.

The more money this Patreon makes, the more I can do this. I can cover my time and the time of any collaborators. I can access information for research. I can up the production quality on the materials I produce. I can work towards a series of workshops that I can take around the country and beyond. Until we get there, I'll do what I can.

I'm a Bristol based producer working in artist development. Currently I'm producer for Closer Each Day Company and Assistant Producer at both Trigger and Kid Carpet. I have worked with Sleepdogs, Watershed, and set up Backline to support Bristol's improvised theatre community. Sometimes I get on stage and mess about with what improv is. Occasionally I’m known as Mr G Johnson, when I’m doing illustration things.

I am a man of many hats, although I only have one actual hat that I wear.
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