Starr Hardgrove is creating a new life.

$1 /mo
MY THANKS - You get my thanks for being a contributor and access to everything that I write.

$5 /mo
SCRAPPED SCENES - You get to see things that I write that I've thrown away or abandoned. These are unfinished works that may be mounted someday or treatments that may have never been realized.

$10 /mo
USE YOUR NAME - I will use your first, middle or last name as a character in one of my books. 

$50 /mo
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT IN A FUTURE WORK - Your contribution is a major reason why I'm able reach many of my goals. I will acknowledge you in a future work in the introduction of a book. 

$100 /mo
LETTER FROM A CHARACTER - You will receive a hand-written letter from one of my characters that will be sent to you in the mail. 

$500 /mo
SUPER SPONSOR - You will receive all of the previous gifts, be featured as a major contributor and be allowed to ask ten questions with which I will answer them directly on a video that you have se...