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Thank you for the tip! Those in this tier and above will be able to gain access to my projects before they are publicly released!

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Supporters will gain access to a private channel on my discord server, where Ill be posting WIPs of my current projects, and pitching ideas for future artwork!

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People who pledge 10 dollars to my art every month will gain access to an exclusive Patreon stream, as well as all of the benefits of the previous tiers. This patreon stream will take place at the end of each month, and will be announced in my discord.  Strong supporters will also gain access to a voting room, where they will be able to vote their preferences for upcoming projects.

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Hello, MrIcantdraw here.

Thanks for dropping by! If you become a patron and pay as little as $1 a month, you'll be lending me a hand with my living costs, and allowing me to invest time into making some more artwork for everyone to enjoy!
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