is creating furry art and drawing boobs everywhere
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Thanks for helping me, I appreciate any help!

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About MrKashkiet

First of all - Welcome!

Hello, I'm MrKashkiet and I'm a furry artist who dabs in some Nintendo fan art from time to time. Currently I'm working on creating a different style for myself, to offer more options to you. I'm also learning Spine, so in the future I can offer animated portraits to my clients.

What will I draw as your reward?

Every month I will be choosing a theme for this month's drawing rewards - it can be a game, it can be a setting, it can be something else. If you're a Sketch or Pin-up Tier backer, I will draw a character of your choice in that setting as a reward!

What I WON'T draw as your reward?

For your reward, besides the theme, you can ask for any character or pose, I don't really mind them. But for rewards I WON'T draw any fetishistic stuff, like pregnancy, breast enlargment, futa, nudity etc. Best to ask if you're unsure. If you want any of that stuff, or want an edit of your reward with some particular fetish, please PM me to ask for it as an additional commission, not tied to Patreon!

How did I end up here?

I've been on and off Patreon for quite a while. I'm trying my best to gather a nice community for which I can create art they always wanted to see. I want to draw their favorite characters, OCs, fursonas, but also just a fun fanart of a game character I like here and there. I want my Patreon to be a relaxing place without any drama - for you and me.

What are my goals?

Being independant. My dream has always been drawing for others, without any corporate stuff. I want a direct connection to my fans, I want to hear their opinions, get to know them, be their friend. I don't want anyone ever to visit my stream and feel lonely, I'm not just trying to get money from people and be done - I truly want to connect and know you better.

And one last thing...


$111 of $1,000 per month
If I ever, somehow, do reach this goal - I'll be able to live as an artist. Just spending my time drawing for you, creating what I love.
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