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While this may be the lowest rank in my army, it is without a doubt one of the most important. A single soldier can't win a battle, but if there are thousands of soldiers, well then I say that's a battle that can be won! If you feel that your pledge on this tier is not enough, then fear not! Any amount will help and you will be forming the backbone of my army. One person is one dollar, but if hundreds more pledge to this tier then that is hundreds of dollars! Your contribution helps, never forget that soldier!

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I see you are rising up in the ranks soldier. Bravo to you! You form the battle lines and carry out the orders of your superiors. It may sound like a fruitless task, but I ask that you put those thoughts our of your head! The army would be in shatters without you, no one to carry out the orders and win the battles. I thank you Optio for your pledge!

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Now we're getting somewhere soldier! You have risen to the glorious rank of Centurion! You command the men and never tire out in your attempts to make Rome great again! You give out the orders, see that the battles are won, and most importantly, are a shinning light to the soldiers who may be wavering in battle. Huzzah to you, Centurion!



About Mr. Legionary

My name is Mr. Legionary and I welcome you to my kingdom! Support me through patreon and you will help me expand my kingdom and provide content for you and you friends to enjoy! Speaking of friends, if you haven't already be sure to tell you friends about me and get them to enlist in the ranks of my legion! On a more serious note I do want to personally thank anyone that does pledge to me and provide me with a monetary gain ever month. You will be thanked either in the description of my videos or at the end of a video. Until next time soldiers. You are dismissed!