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About Mr Zed

Hello and welcome to Mr.Z Games!

Im the Developer of Kinky Fight Club, an Adult Game about Competitive Sex Matches!
(You can read more about it, and it's development process below!)

And now i'm working in other two projects:

Dungeon Coup: an Adult BDSM themed dungeon runner game, built completely based on patrons feedback and requests!

Project Nexus: a 3rd person action game, with a lot of possibilities for NSFW content. (project is still in very early development)

All my games are centered on three big features: Gameplay, Customization and Choice of NSFW Content. While the first two are very easy to understand, the last one means that all of my games will include content that is cattered for different tastes (including hetero, gay, lesbian, etc) and players will be able to choose what kind of content they want to see.

Why should I support you?

With the support from the players i was able to complete my first game, and now, thanks to its success i even managed to assemble a small team to work in our next game, which is going to be bigger, and include a lot of NSFW content with fun gameplay. By supporting us here you help our team develop the game by allowing each of the members to work more hours in the game. (and increasing the overall production and quality).

By supporting the projects you will also get access to the latest demos of the games and voting polls to give us feedback on how you would like the games to be improved.

And lastly, supporting us is supporting the Adult Games Industry to grow into making games with real and funny gameplay.

If you are unsure about how i work, and how much importance i give to releasing betas and adding players features take a look below!

Kinky Fight Club and it's development

When i started making Kinky Fight Club, 2 years ago i didn't know anything about making games, the only thing that i knew was that it was my childhood dream to make games, and that i was going to make something great someday.

With the support of the players Kinky Fight Club grow a lot, and over the year and half of it's patreon campaign 13 player-requested features were added to the game, several balance changes were made based on feedback, and new moves and clothing were being added, some of them decided by the players themselves (via voting polls).

Even if Kinky Fight Club has been released, i will keep updating content for it regularly, adding new moves or clothing!

In case you don't know what Kinky Fight Club is

Kinky Fight Club (KYFC for short), is an Adult Game about Competitive Sex Matches!
(Yes, literally a sex competition game!)
The objective is to make your opponent Cum before you do, and in order to do so you have to manage your energy, cooldowns and use your abilities!
All the content is realtime, animated, 3D!

The complete Game now includes 80 different Sex/Foreplay movements!
Number of playable characters in the game: 30. (+6 Custom slots!)
Number of usable sex movements : 80! ( + 31 variations)
Number of different sex animations: 427!

Click here to watch the Trailer of the Game!

Game Features:
  • Game made from scratch in Unity, allowing to develop into any possible outcome!
  • Custom Character Create your own characters, set their stats, weakness, abilities and sex movements, and customize their appearance from over 300 clothing & color options!
  •  Different boob/booty/dick/strap-on sizes to choose from.
  • Optional Futanari Girls can use Strap-ons to do certain sex movements, or they become futas with this optional feature in the Extras menu.
  • You won't see content you don't like You will only see the kind of content you enjoy. Not into M/M ? no problem you will never see it, unless you specificaly choose to!
  •  80+ Different Sex movements (in current build) to choose from, most of them having 5 stages!.
  • Over 400 unique original animations. Each animation includes its own cum animation (for a total of over 800!)
  •  Four different difficulty settings. And optional QuickTime Events to make it spicier!
  •  Undress your opponent just enough to be able to have sex, or get him/her (or you) completely naked!.
  •  Unpredictable IA, becoming completely reckless or defensive ( or anywhere between) at any time during the match, ensuring that no match is ever the same.
  •  Abilities with cooldowns to use strategically to dominate the sex fight.
  • Use the  arrow keys or WSAD keys, or even Mouse-only to play.
  • Extra mode to choose from: Short mode or Three cum mode!
  • Spectator mode: dont wanna play? you can just watch!
  • Choose from an expanding pool of up to 30 characters, plus up to 6 customized characters! (characters created by you!)

Player requested Features:
All of these Features are implemented and were suggested by the players:

  • Dick scaling - increasing or decreasing the size of the character's dick/strap-on
  • Spectator mode - Watch instead of play!
  • Full mouse support - you can play with the mouse only now! (optional)
  • Keep Going (longer) - a variation added to allow the keep going mode to last longer!
  • Hotkeys - you can use the buttons 1 to 6 to quickly perform actions!
  • QuickTime events (optional) - Quick time events used to be mandatory, now they are optional! 
  • Play rewards - The game rewards coins every 3 wins, or loses! Even if you lose you end up winning!
  • Three Cum mode - You have to cum three times to lose, instead of once, but so does your opponent!
  • Start Naked - Start the matches with both characters fully clothed, partially clothed, or completely naked!
  • Dirty Talk - Periodically characters will attempt to trash-talk each other!
  • Watch mode - an AI will play the game so you can enjoy the view!
  • Character Sharing - You can now share your characters with other players!
  • Guest Characters - You can now download other players characters to add to the game!
  • Movement Inspector - You can now see what moves each character have in the Character Selection!
  • Neko mode - When enabled all base characters will have cat/bunny/fox ears!

Free demo to try the game:
If you are unsure if the game is worth your time or money, you can always try the Public demo.
You can find the free demo at:

Steam version
Kinky Fight Club is also on Steam, and if you buy it there you get access to 51 achievements to unlock when playing the game!

Discord: We got a Discord! Join us, and ask any question you want, or you can check some images there!

I cannot put any explicit content in this page due to Patreon ToS.

If you liked what you see, please join us and support the development process of the games. As making games is really time-consuming and gets quite expensive.I hope to see you around!

$1,600.39 of $2,200 per month
When we reach this goal i will be able to work almost exclusively on the project and add to the game:

Poser mode A feature to freely pose and take pictures of all the characters will be added to the game

Additional Device for BoundPlay  The throne is ready, but what will be the next device to bound our characters and see how much pleasure they can endure?
That is for you to decide!

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