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About Ms. Michelle Thompson


INSTITUTIONALIZED is a Narrative Screenplay based on real life drama.
It contains a three fold perspective surrounding the subject matter of what it's like to be 'imprisoned by life situations'
1.) A physical institution 2.) A relationship and ... 3.) The most powerful prison of all... The mind.
INSTITUTIONALIZED will explore several escape routes in all three scenarios, from both a dramatic and comical approach. And is sure to leave its audiences raving.
At this point in my film making career I am able to make this Feature film with a low $50,000 budget because I will shoot the film locally in my home town Las Vegas, where I have support from local businesses, fans, friends and family.
I am the Founder of the First Black Film Festival in Las Vegas, and therefore have a platform to host and celebrate the feature films premiere.
This is exciting time for me... and this film is definitely ripe and relevant for the season. Today, making this film is only a dream ... but with your support this dream WILL REALIZE and I will make sure the world knows that YOU helped to make this dream come true.
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