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About Mugi

Hi! My name is Mugi and I currently run two YouTube channels, "MugiMikey" and "MugiDrive." MugiMikey is the home of my animated Sonic the Hedgehog parodies, and MugiDrive is the home for my documentary-styled Sonic and Sega retrospective videos.

The tiers listed here apply to BOTH channels I run, and I recently went through a revision of my Patreon rewards. Now you'll be able to have access to a new Mugi Discord channel, along with exclusive servers from there that will allow you to play Nintendo Switch games with the Mugi Crew, and you'll also be able to see what we're working on behind the scenes as well!

The tiers offered are:

$2 - Your name will make it in the credits as a special thanks!

$5 - Your name will be even bigger in the credits as a special thanks!

$15 - You'll be able to join the Mugi Discord server!

$20 - You'll be able to join the exclusive Game Night Discord server! We'll be playing some Nintendo Switch games, such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, and Splatoon 2.

$25 - You will be able to see behind-the-scenes stuff in an exclusive Discord server. The Mugi Crew will share early assets, video ideas, and more with everyone here! Lots of things change behind the scenes, and you'll be able to see a lot of things from start to finish— even script changes!

And with each tier, you'll also automatically gain access to the previous tiers' rewards well! For example, if you donate $15, you'll have access to the benefits from $12 and below.

So the reason why I'm here is because YouTube's ad revenue is quite unreliable. It hurts users who take longer to produce content, such as animators... and that's me! Consistency and frequency is key to success on YouTube, but traditional animation is a dwindling trend on YouTube, and I refuse to be one of the next animators that gives up on their passion. So that's what's going on for my MugiMikey channel, but it also affects MugiDrive videos too since those are longer, documentary-style videos that take quite a bit of time to craft as well. When it comes to piecing together visual content for MugiMikey and MugiDrive videos, I'm just a one-man team. It's just me animating and compiling information together. My pal RecorderDude specializes in the music department, and KoVox, TheOnlyFlorence, and Axel Lazuli are part of my excellent voice acting crew!

A lot goes into creating content, and seeing all the positivity that comes from the content the Mugi Crew and I create just inspires me to keep going for you guys. So with you being a patron here for the Mugi Patreon, you are directly responsible for me bringing you more Sonic and Sega information, along with keeping traditional animation on YouTube alive.

Thank you for everything you do.


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We can now start investing in equipment for everybody involved to better our production process!
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