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This is the only tier available. Thank you very much for supporting me! Every little bit counts and I strongly appreciate it! 




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About MugiwaraYoshi

I'm MugiwaraYoshi! I'm a let's player, comedian, coffee drinker and chocolate lover. I've been making overall comedy throughout various outlets on the internet for several years. I love doing voice over, writing, playing video games, and comedy in general!

Update (9/13/19)
This is now solely a personal tip jar! I am no longer relying on my Patreon as a primary source of income. Thank you for supporting me in my time of need!

No Tier Rewards?

There is really only one tier as I personally didn't feel the need to make anything exclusive. Everyone gets to see the videos when they are uploaded! 

Thank You for Your Time!
Regardless of whether or not you'd like to support my Patreon, I am very grateful to each of you for your many years of support! Should you feel the need to stop supporting me then by all means take care of yourself first! I shall do my best and provide you all with content no matter what! 

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