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I am working on an ongoing series of Video discussing Today's Africa with Business People and Political Figures from Africa and the World, I need support to go back to Africa to speak with more people and to allow me to devote more time here at Home to do remote interviews from which new videos about Business in Africa will be made. Your Support is Vital to this effort!

With your support I can execute plans to visit African countries continent wide, do pre-arranged interviews and set up new one that spring from unscripted meetings and visits to unexpected places.
I have a particular interest in speaking with African Miners working small gold and diamond mines across Africa, I get requests every month for assistance  to locate new buyers for these miners, I want to expose these miners to would be buyer who are not afraid to venture to Africa to do old business with new partners. 

Future videos will cover a diverse set of topics including : 

Why doing business in the emerging economies of Africa is good for Africa and You.

Countries that are welcoming African in the Diaspora back home

Countries that are allowing African Americans to migrate back to Africa part time or full time

The Best African Countries to work or live in.

The Best Businesses to go in to in African countries.

The best African countries to vacation in.

And Much More!

In Time , with your support I would begin renting planes to fly select groups of people to states in Africa to meet and do direct business with African entrepreneurs before returning home. depending on the amount of the pledge, I could even guarantee a return on your investment in the form of keeping you posted on news and events via my video uploads, or you could even get involved with the business deals at some level, i would discuss this more with each patron on a case by case basis.

Your Support will also provide promotional aid for BEYSLIST.COM CLASSIFIED AD SITE


Muhammad Bey

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I am working to promote trade and business and opportunities in African Countries by making video about the efforts of African people to make their dreams come true through imagination and hard work! 2000 a month will help me make several really detailed videos about whats going on in out of the way places in African countries , talking with people who you have never heard of  who are working to make the world a better place. the more patrons i have , the more work i will be able to do, Africa is a very Big place, too Big for one man, but i can cover more ground and uncover more stories about ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things, unexpected things in Africa, 2000 a month  is just a goal, if i get less support than i think i need, i will do what i can with what i have, if i get the support i need i will do more with it.
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