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Our Story

Right now, it takes at least three years and as much as $20 million to make a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG), due to challenges in the areas of engineering, asset-creation, and marketing. That price tag means independent developers simply can't afford to enter this exciting and lucrative market.

The Multiverse Platform blows away these barriers to entry.

The Multiverse Foundation is the only organization focused on delivering a complete Open Source end-to-end solution for MMOG and virtual world development.

So, what is Multiverse?

Multiverse is a multiplatform mmo creation package that uses the Unreal 4 engine from Epic Games as its core engine to deliver powerful graphics, amazing ease of use for everyone from beginner to expert level developers, extremely wide flexibility and extendability, simple asset creation and workflow in C++, visual scripting, or a combination of both.
So why use Multiverse if you can just do the same using your own copy of the engine?

It's simple, Time to market for your project.

In using multiverse, all of the base code and features are already implemented for you, Using Class defaults, getting started is as simple as adding your art assets and defining your behaviors and gameplay options for your assets and presto, you have your base system in place.

For the more experienced developers, Multiverse comes complete with the source code for the platform, allowing them to extend or adapt the core system in any way they may need to suit thier projects. When used in with the Source Code for the Unreal Engine, you have a powerful tool set that can be used for anything you can imagine, that can be extended in any direction you wish from archtectual and visualization to down right good old fasion side scrolling adventure game, where will your imagination take you?

The platform also comes complete with a dedicated server that is precompiled from the included source and ready to run, using included assets , this both gives developers a functional "sample" as well as a starting point for further extending the server.
All of this and more is intended to give developers the quickest start possible in getting thier projects out to the world.

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