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Hey everyone!  Thanks for stopping by my Patreon page, and I hope you hear me out! 

I'm Mike and I'm a classically trained cover artist on YouTube, along with many original/improvisation piano works in my library. I cover many genres of music,
including Video game, Anime, Movie OST, Pop/Rock, as well as Classical. The piano is my primary instrument with the guitar as my secondary, followed by amateur experiences of drums and violin playing. Many of my videos are piano solos, but I also enjoy mixing other instruments occasionally to create covers of much larger scales. I've started making music videos in 2011 and I do not plan on ever stopping because I simply love to share my music and hopefully be an inspiration for people.

I chose to be a part of this website because I believe it is a great way for dedicated content creators to get the support that they need to continue what they love to do. I'm lucky enough to be one of these creators who would spend hours upon hours of planning/arranging, recording, and editing my audio/video work. Many people also don't realize that this process requires ample amounts of time on top of other time-consuming processes such as simply managing the channel and making sure all of the meta-data is updated. I always strive to produce and upload the most presentable content that demonstrates the best of my ability, regardless if it will end up with 50+ more recording takes or perhaps multiple extra hours of editing. I've also been writing out sheet music of my covers for free, and I do this happily because of the positive feedback that I get and the satisfaction that is shown from my viewers and supporters. 

Becoming my patron here through this Patreon website would help me immensely with what I want to deliver for you guys. Not only that, but it is extremely motivating to be supported this way and only encourages me to continue producing competent music content for you all. By pledging funds (an amount of your choice) to my work (per video upload), you can help make a positive difference on the quality of my video content. 

I cannot express in words my gratitude for those who become my patron and take part in supporting me with what I love to do. Thank you so much for your time!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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