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About MusicTech Kids

Do you love your kids, grandkids or nieces or nephews?

Do you love MUSIC?
Do you want to get them off of the video games (all the time) and would you like to help them make Music & Videos with their smart phones and tablets?

Welcome to the wonderful, award-wining world of MusicTech Kids™ and our Scholarship Program to help gifted kids you know, receive very unique private lessons. Their parent or guardian participates and they witness amazing development and outcomes. Professor Musial’s college freshmen often answered the question: “What do you want to do when you graduate in 4 years”… “I want to make music for video games”. Professor Musial thought “hmm, why wait until college to do this… do it now!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Some unique stories about our students.        One boy played the Piano & Sang in English & Polish at a church near the Statue of Liberty a 6 years old, and then the Pipe Organ at 7. He played the main theme to “Star Wars” on the Pipe Organ at 8… his grandmother “scolded” as his grandfather filmed with glee! LOL
A 6 year old girl sang on a cartoon theme song and later in Disney! A 10 year old boy is making EDM (Electronic Dance Music) tracks on his iPhones for 2 music videos in progress. A 12 year old girl created a song about her mom complaining about her cel phone bill! No she uses it to make cool MusicTech Tracks and her song “Leave Me Alone” is on iTunes! 
Two sisters (4 & 8) composed and recorded 10 songs with Prof. Musial and made 4 music videos in just one year!

One 9 year old boy made the music for a group song in “Garageband” on his iPhone.
A 5 year old girl joined her twin 13 year old brothers in a Music Video at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade,for a song the co-wrote called the “Mermaid Dance”!
                                         A 3 year old girl’s mommy is a Broadway Star and in her first session she learned how to play a scale with a “delicate bell” sound along with a fun drum loop, and then filmed a scene for a song about “Fidget Spinners”! LOL
A 16 year old who recorded several songs and music videos in the program, now she is an award-winning Hollywood Film Director, and a 17 year old is on his 5th Album, starred in several Off-Broadway Musicals, performed on the flight deck of a U.S. Aircraft Carrier on National Radio, the National Anthem in front of Madison Square Garden, in the Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon, in Times Square Music Clubs, in Disney and even Carnegie Hall!
Our MusicTech Kids rarely complain about practicing. Ta Dah!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The MusicTech Kids SCHOLARSHIP FUND for the Non-Profit (in-the-works) venture, is designed to help make the opportunity TUITION-FREE for a select group of very gifted students, no-matter their family financial ability. With your kind assistance via this amazing Patreon Crowd Funding campaign, we can help make a kid’s dream a reality.
Our grads have performed in Disney, Carnegie Hall, Off-Broadway, in Sports Arenas, on Radio & TV even on an Aircraft Carrier and in the “Hall of Heroes” in the Pentagon!

So what do we do??? We teach basic Music Theory and Keyboard Skills (soon MIDI Guitar, Violin Drum, Percussion and Wind), but we ALSO show the student how to use the technology which in many cases, is already in their home: iPhones and iPads (other imitator companies as well). We teach them to write simple lyrics, even poems about the things that make them “tick” and then with the amazing “Apple Loops” and other Music Tech tools we make a song. The student plays the parts (hence putting to use the performance part of the lesson.) We may then shoot videos or still photos with the parents, and they then get to learn about Art Technology and they see how a film production shoot world and how the songs are edited into fun music videos! Our parents learn too and have a blast at SkyRoom Studio! Watch the “Details” Video to hear first hand, non-scripted testimonials from many parents, students and see short samples of a variety of music videos. Not your “normal” piano lesson, right?

One of our songs won 1st place for “ A Partneship For A Drug Free America”, another was the theme song to an Anti-Bullying Campaign for the United States Department of Justice which won an Emmy Award for MTV. The United States Young Marines Organization had some of our songs performed at the National Adult Leadership Conference. One of our grads co-composed a song with Prof. Musial which was performed in the “Hall Of Heroes” in the PENTAGON!!! In 2010 Five of our Grads were invited to sing our songs at the 25th Anniversary of the “Red Ribbon Rally” DRUG ABUSE AWARENESS in the national headquarters for the Drug EnforcementAdministration. The United States Department of Justice presented Prof. Musial and our team a unique award for “Promoting Positive Messages Through Music” to the youth of our nation. MusicTech Kids do some really cool things! See the “DEA” Testimonial Video on our site under “Testimonials”.


The founder Professor Musial was raised by wonderful parents in the Buffalo, NY area who were farmer/factory workers. They did what they could to help his musical gift grow by paying for weekly music lessons. His dad had the natural "gift: to be able to play music by "ear", without ever having a lesson and he could not read a note of music. He played the accordion and piano. He was able to purchase a basic home organ on a loan and it came with 8 free private lessons. They had a "hunch" that David was musically inclined and he accepted the challenge to take the lessons... and the rest is history! At age 10 he became a FULL-TIME, paid church organist... a professional musician!  Musial still plays pipe organs, digital organs and pianos in churches today! 

When it was time for college, he had to work in a factory midnight to 8 am, and then also take out lots of student loans to pay for his education! He lived at home and is thankful for his parents kind and generous assistance. Eventually Prof. Musial received private grants to the Juilliard School of Music and an official Teaching Fellowship at NYU for his 4 years in Graduate School for Music Technology. He completed 10 years total in college!David eventually earned Instructor-Of-The-Year Award at NYU (4 times!) He went on to accept the challenge to create his very own Bachelors degree in Music Technology at the prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology (across the river from the Empire State Building.) The most prestigious inventor in the field, Dr Robert “Bob” Moog accepted Professor Musial’s invitation to be the Key Note Speaker at the launch of the program in 2005. (Unfortunately he passed and in 2007 Professor Musial met his lovely daughter Michelle and Prof. Musial inspired the “Student Division” of The Bob Moog Foundation. The Best Colleges review system rated his curriculum as #2 Music Technology Program Changing The Industry in 2012!

Prof Musial decided to form the Smart Trax® Institute of Technology after this, and he teaches College Seniors how to implement the MusicTech Kids™ program. (He also teaches students himself.) Many of the sessions are filmed by the parents (or with the parents), and they may be included in future NextGen Stars® TV shows which is “All About The Mentors!™”… how cool is this?
Without Scholarships, he could not help anyone and he has helped hundreds by forming the Smart Trax Institute of Technology from an artistic grant!

Professor Musial has had the opportunity to meet or work with some of the most fascinating artists and inventors in the industry.

He has mentored many college students like:
Wayne Sharpe who was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame in 2017. He has scored music for the OLYMPICS, #1 films in Bollywood, over 100 TV Commercials, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Miss USA Pageant, the Miss Universe Pageant (when the wrong country was announced, LOL), The largest KODAK OMNIMAX/IMAX in the World, The Presidential Campaign for CBS TV and now the CBS Nightly National News Theme.

Ken Bachor became the president of the college record company Musial supervised. As a high school senior, he told Professor Musial that his dream was to someday be a photo journalist for Rolling Stone music magazine. He asked to shoot the first album cover for a MusicTech Grad Brady Cudmore. Musial was his advisor in college and helped him to eventually get an internship there and upon graduation, ROLLING STONE Magazine published one of his photos and then hired him full-time! He also world at SPIN, ABC TV News and then became the co-director of photography for TIME Magazine!

Dan Smith transferred into Prof. Musial’s Music Technology college program as a sophomore. When asked “where will you be in 4 years after you graduate”. He boldly responded with not “I wish” or “I Want” but “I Will Have A #1 Song on the Billboard Charts BEFORE I Graduate”… He Did with 14 year old Jacob Latimore from Atlantic Records on a compilation album with Taylor Smith, Trey Songz (who Musial knows and has been in his SkyRoom Studio), Pink, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Chris Brown and more. He also co-composed a song with MusicTech grad Brady called “DJ Turn It Up”!

Noriel Valdez was guided by Prof. Musial and he assisted an executive a national retail chain to assist a song to hit #1 on the Billboard Charts!

In 1982 Professor David Musial (a composer, synthesist and student of Electrical Engeerrning) met his Music Technology Mentor, Dr Robert "BOB" Moog, at an audio engineering convention. David shared his admiration and that he owns Minimoog & Polymoog synthesizers and that he recorded an album on the ‘Monstermoog 55” at the University of Buffalo. A friendship was born!
In 1983 Musial purchased an “Emulator 1” digital sampling keyboard, the first “affordable at a mere $8,000.” (Musial took out a loan and paid for it from money he earned playing electronic organs in churches!) He did so because his mentor Frank Serafine, the most famous sound Designer in Hollywood used one! (Tron, Star Trek, Baywatch, Addams Family, Spiderman, etc). Frank eventually offered him a position in Hollywood but Musial declined to do Graduate Studies in NYC. Frank later heard “Brady Cudmore” at 17, sing at an AES convention and “ordered” Musial to “sign” him for production. He did and Frank co-produced a song with Musial for Brady called “Freedom”! In 2008 Moog Music endorsed Musial and loaned Brady a “Little Phatty” synthesizer to use on his first album!
In 1986 Musial composed music for an education series for children on PBS TV which earned him membership to BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.)
In 1987 Musial performed with Synthesizers with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
In 1987 Musial was featured in MODERN LITURGY Magazine for the successful integration of Music Technology into a Liturgical Setting.
In 1987 David taught the great jazz legend, Dave Brubeck, how to use the Emulator Digital Sampler and he wrote music for the Pope’s mass in San Francisco in Musial’s home studio. Musial then co-produced a national TV documentary about Brubeck and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra which aired on CBS TV!

In 1987-88Professor Musial was the assistant to the legendary contemporary Synthesist & Composer Suzanne Ciani.Her many recognitions include five Grammy nominations for Best New Age Album, an INDIE award for Best New Age Album, numerous Clios, a Golden Globe, and Keyboard Magazine's "New Age Keyboardist of the Year." Ciani assigned Musial the task of reading the sheet music for her classic New Sage Hit “The Velocity Of Love” into his MAC Computer and the performance he did was used as the First Midi File (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to ever be published in the world! 1988 Hal Leonard Music Publishing, NYC!
In 1990 Musial was a Music Technology consultant for the Beach Boys.
In 1990 Musial was a Music Technologists at NYU,and was assigned a graduate research project to be a “beta tester” for the renewed “MAX MSP” digital synthesis software. It was named after Dr. Max Matthews (father of Computer Music.) David eventually met Matthews in 2008!
In 1991 Musial was selected at NYU to be the first “Masters Class” private student of the legendary Walter/Wendy Carlos who created the infamous “Switched On Bach” classical electronic music series, and more.(This was postponed, but they did met in the executive dining sweet with a host of NYU dignitaries!)
In 1994 Musial was featured in KEYBOARD Magazine for his Music Technology ventures
In 1995 Musial was featured in The New York Times for his Music Technology ventures
In 1995 Musial was featured in the ROLAND USER’s GRPIP Magazine for his Music Technology classroom ventures
From 1995-2007 Musial produced a multitude MusicTech Kids a songs for his Smart Trax® Media label
In 2007 Prof Musial meet the daughter of Bob Moog, “Michelle”, and inspired the Bob Moog Foundation to launch a “Student Division”. Prof. Musial was assigned the title “Director Of Academic Membership and Development”. He proposed the idea of creating the “Bob Moog Center For Electronic Music Composition”. It was accepted by the foundation. Musial then attend several industry conventions and informed many other legends like: Ikutaro Kakehashi the founder of Roland Synthesizers who stated that Moog’s inventions were the foundation of his (multi-million dollar) business, Roger Linn of the “Linn Digital Drum Machine”, Max Mathews, Dave Smith the founder of “MIDI and the famous “Prophet 5” synths, Eric Persing of Spectrasonics (Stylus RMX, Omnisphere).

In 2008 David had the opportunity to experience a private concert with one of his Classical Progressive Rock Mentors, the legendary Keith Emerson of “Emerson Lake & Palmer “ELP”. Keith was the “god” of the Monster Moog in the 1970’s. He gave a show for the Bob Moog Foundation at the “Museum Of Making Music” at the headquarters of the National Association of Music Merchants in San Diego. David played his famous “Monster Moog”!

In 2006-2008 Musial would enjoy private chats between shows at the Irridium Jazz Club in Times Square, with the legendary Music Technology Inventor and Performer Les Paul. He invented multitrack recording, the harmonica holder, the solid body electric guitar and more!
In 2005 Musial hired guitarist/composer Carlos Alomar to record on several songs on Brady’s first album. He toured with many classic pop music celebrities and co-wrote the song “FAME” with David Bowie and John Lennon. Musial gave Carlos a big break by hiring him to teach guitar students private lessons in his university Music Technology program. (Carlos never attended college, so this was a risk for Musil.) It world out fine and Musial eventually hired him to teach Brady some guitar lessons as well.

Between 2000 & 2009 Musial met with many timeswith the legend:Phil Ramone, the most famous music producer in the industry with the most amount of Grammys. In 2009 he was working exclusively with Pop Star George Michael, but Phil gave Musial his home address because he was impressed with Brady and wanted Musial to send him his “demos” in progress. Phil Ramone wanted to produce Brady, but his time to enter musical Heaven came early.

2016 Professor Musial has stated that the “ROLI SEABOARD” invention is the greatest Music Technology performance invention since the Minimoog in 1971. The ROLI Corporation endorsed his Music Technology ventures and he uses a ROLI RISE Seaboard in his MusicTech Kids classes!

In 2017 Professor Musial has been enlisted in the “Apple Distinguished Educators” program and is in the process of endorsement!

In 2017 a major Educational Publisher began conversations for an educational E-Book and Paper Book Series: MusicTech Kids™
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