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About Mustard

Mustard is telling curious stories from the world of design, engineering and history.

Does it cut the Mustard?
We put a lot of effort into each video. From a purely economic standpoint, it really doesn't make sense. The time we spend creating quality graphics, detailed 3D models, slick animations, licensing rare footage, and licensing unique soundtracks - well none of that makes sense for YouTube. Most other channels find enormous success on YouTube without all the painstaking attention to detail. YouTube is full of videos with crude stick figure drawings that get millions of views.

But you’re probably here because you noticed Mustard videos are unique. Thanks for stopping by and considering supporting our Patreon.

We want to make better videos.

We’re not asking you to support us personally. We are using this Patreon to help us make better videos. 100% of the support we receive through this Patreon is used to:

  • License rare and unique footage 
  • Pay a researcher to help uncover unique topics and ensure future videos are factual and accurate 
  • License high quality audio tracks, photography, and videography 
  • Purchase stock 3D models
  • Upgrade software to create better animations and motion graphics 

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If we reach this goal, we'll be able to improve video production and content as detailed in our description
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