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is creating zines about medieval visual culture

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Museums, classrooms, popular books, news, mainstream media is biased towards normative images and bodies that are classical, white, abled, cisgendered. But history is so much more than that - historical sources are much more than that. I am dedicated to bringing medieval diversity and creativity into the spotlight. As a queer guerrilla educator, I resorted to zines (a self-publishing medium that has historical ties with the queer and larger punk community) to bring these overlooked images to more than just a handful of trained historians.

Each month I will bring out a new Medieval Miscellany similar to the ones already published in my Issuu Library. The miscellanies will be freely available as online resources a month after the Monthly Medieval Miscellany has been delivered to the patrons. The print format (back-issues as well as early-bird new issues) is exclusively available to the patrons. Some months, there will be Patron Saints that determine the subject matter of that month's miscellany.
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When I reach $100 I will launch a t-shirt that celebrates diversity in medieval visual culture.
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