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Hi everyone. Welcome to my Patreon Page. My name is Jeffery S. Davis and I am an artist. Deep thinker. I love clarity, truth, wisdom and justice.

<abbr>April 2, 2011</abbr>
Thoughts to think about

by Jeffery S. Davis
Thoughts are real things; to me this rings true
They're born in the minds of me and of you
In our minds we each think our own personal thoughts
They mingle inside us to vie for a spot
When aware you become of a thought in your head
You then must decide should it live or be dead
Some thoughts can grow roots of negativity and hate
So don't take too long on deciding its fate
Without any real purpose; no will or intent
Unaware and oblivious, sometimes they are sent
These thoughts then flow out; some armed with ill will
Flowing through and around us, a purpose to seal
Receivers will gain, either blessings or woes
Thoughts hand them out freely. Yes, that’s how it goes
Will mine float away harmless? I Hope so, I do.
And yet I know not… Say, how about you?
Be mindful and guard them, let no light-minded chatter
Unless you like life that resembles 'Mad Hatter'
Our futures we build, some thoughts stacked in big heaps
Firmed into place by judgmental opinions, feelings and beliefs
Be free of those biased judgments let go the heuristics
Allow yourself to go through the cognitive dissonance
Thoughts are the seeds from which our universe was birthed
I tell you the same, for our beloved Earth
Love brings forth love and hate begets hate
So sow your seeds wisely, go sow them in faith
'Thought' is a word synonymous with fate
I hope that you get this before it’s too late
Yes, thoughts build the future for you and for others
Our thoughts should resonate with love for our sisters and brothers
Think thoughts that are wholesome, for its true if you do
That you will be healthier and happier... more beautiful too ;)
The power of your thoughts can make all warring cease
Let our thoughts create a world filled with harmony and peace
With thoughts gilded in gold we would see beauty all around
No longer seeking for heaven for heaven would be found