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Founded in 2006, is an international arts criticism hub covering 7 branches of entertainment (TV, Theatre, Film, Games, Books, Sports & Music) through current & classic reviews, editorials, interviews and podcasts. In addition to daily coverage, we report yearly from San Diego Comic-Con, multiple international theatre festivals and The Toronto International Film Festival. The centrepiece of our coverage is a multi-branch awards season celebrating the best in arts creation every year featuring hundreds of interviews with emerging and established artists across mediums. 

We are devoted to publishing only top-quality reviews, editorials and features from writers with experience and education in their field of coverage. In order to maintain that standard, we're asking patrons for their help to support our hard-working staff, cover maintenance and development costs, and eventually contribute to expanding the company. 

A registered not-for-profit, every cent pledged to MyEntertainmentWorld will go to directly into the company's monthly budget to pay salaries and expenses. Arts criticism plays a key role in fostering community, supporting emerging artists and challenging audiences to look deeper and keep reevaluating but the practice is quickly evaporating. Through the generosity of patrons, we'll be able to keep the conversation alive.

We deeply appreciate your support and are excited to offer lots of great perks for the patrons who keep our lights on and our keyboards clicking. If you would like to suggest a new incentive, please get in touch and let us know your idea!

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