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About MyJourney2sing

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Cultivate Joy!!!

Inspire Uplift Empower
Welcome to MyJourney2sing! In addition to the joy of pure entertainment I want to use my voice and my journey to help people break free of the limiting beliefs that tell them they cannot be who they were born to be.

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My Story
From the time I could talk I was singing.  I was this sweet little toddler running around singing my little heart out.  At first everyone loved it, but after a while that changed.  My mother would scream at me to shut up, my uncles would laugh at me, and my grandmother would say mean and nasty things.  Nobody wanted to hear my voice.  I was constantly ridiculed and criticized for the thing I loved the most.  As a result I developed a myriad of limiting beliefs about my voice and a ton of anxiety around my singing.

But the desire would never go away and it eventually led me to more positive people who Empowered me to overcome those limitations.  People who inspired me to believe and gave me the Joy of my dream.

So now it's my turn to help someone else believe. It's my turn to share the truth of my journey so that someone else can break free. It's my turn to
by sharing the truth and joy in the process of becoming so people can see in the themselves what they think belongs to the others.  What I once admired in others I now possess within myself. What they said I couldn't do, I can do.
Don't let nobody steal your dream.
Whatever they took from you, you can take it back!

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