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About Dasius

Hey Blacksmith! 

You can call me Dasius

If you don't already know, I am working on a game called My Little Blacksmith Shop. It is a game available for free on Itch.io and Gamejolt. It's inspired by games like Blacksmith Simulator.

It is a simple crafting game, created in the Unreal Engine 4, where players are task to make weapons for their customers. What separates this game from the typical crafting system, is its simplistic approach to weapon crafting. There are no progress bars and complex GUI screens . The player has to take every part and combine them together with physics.

Want To Support?

I have been blessed with a great community and received so much support for my game that it warms my heart to know that people really love this game and are willing to support its early development. 
I don't hope and expect anyone to donate to this project. I think your money can be used for more important things like bills and food but there are people that want to see this game succeed and it will be my pleasure to make it happen.

Making games is difficult and expensive. Patreon is a great platform that allows great people like you to connect with your favorite content creators and fund them.

Prior to Patreon, players who made donations, all received the same reward but now with Patreon, I can organize my list of supporters and give exclusive rewards based on what they donate through the tier system. At the moment there are 3 tiers.

Also, if you decide to pledge, you'll be contributing to the success of this game.

This also helps me. I've been making games for 7 years or so and the support will help me to fashion my skills and make better games.

Where Does Your Money Go?

The funds go to:

  • Putting food in meh belly and paying my bills so that I can sit for 16 hours, in front of the computer, working on the game. Probably not healthy but it's worth it in my opinion. It also goes into upgrading my computer so it doesn't crash as much using the game engine. 
  • When that's covered, some of it goes into purchasing game assets. Since I'm not a Jack of all Trades, master of them all, yet. 
  • If we surpass our second goal, I can look into hiring someone else to help with art or programming. The higher we climb, the more people I can hire to make the game even better.
  • The end goal is to implement VR, Multiplayer and a completed product with all the desired features.

What Do You Get In Return?

If you pledge $5 (or more), you'll have access to early versions of the game before the public and receive a Steam key when the game is released on Steam

If you pledge $10 per month, we create one(1) unique weapon part (per month) for you. 

All Patrons also receive a "Patron" status role in our Discord channel.

If you decide you want to withdraw your pledge for any reason, you can cancel your donations at any time. There are no obligations and fees.

Thank you!!

$2,515 of $6,000 per month
Employ a full-time programmer or 3d Artist.

The agreed salary for the new hire may vary but should fall within reasonable limits. I will adjust the Goal Earnings to match job market expectations. The work will go into making the game better at a faster rate.

The Programmer will transition the core mechanics into C++, where necessary, to help make the game run faster and more efficiently. After, we will continue developing only in C++ and implement code for multiplayer as we move along. Hiring a Programmer will allow me to bring the game to Steam faster.

The 3d Artist will redo most, if not all of the 3d models with beautiful textures, to enhance the experience. New character models will be created by the artist and some models will be created by volunteers.

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