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About My Marriage Podcast

Who We Are & What We Do

My name is Uche and I write , produce and host MyMarriage Podcast. I’ve been married for over a decade, during this time i have seen so many marriages fail.I have seen couples struggled to sustain their marriage and there has been an increase in the rate of divorce. Many couples are easily giving up on their marriage but with my years of marriage experience i know that so many of this marriages could be saved! Sometimes all that is needed is wise words of advice or for couples to realize that what they are going through in their marriage is not exclusive to them and can be resolved. The passion to see couples succeed and have a happy and successful marriage birth MyMarriage Podcast on May 12 2019. I must also mention that i am Pro Marriage.                                             
MyMarriage Podcast has a YouTube channel, A channel on Habari - A nigerian bank platform, A podcast website hosted by buzzsprout which is syndicated on all major podcast platforms Such as Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, iheartRadio, Blurry, Stitcher ,Tunein, Spreaker, along with Instagram and Twitter Platforms. These makes up its online presence.
I run the podcast single handedly, from writing the scripts, recording the podcast, creating soundbites, and creating online post. It's worth mentioning how tedious and hectic it is writing the scripts, recording and editing the audio single handedly. Sometimes i will have to delete and record all over again several times just to get clear and quality audio that my audience will benefit from. I have to upload, post and share the podcast or soundbites on various platforms. My passion for this keeps me going even in the face of some production hurdles.                                                      I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing there is a couple out there whose marriage might be saved by listening to the podcast. That is why i ensure that regardless of how busy or tired i may be, i keep to my show schedule and keep on uploading new podcast and also keep sharing it on various platforms. While i do not make any finacial income from the podcast but i feel a sense of gratitude for the benefits couples derive from it especially when i receive mails from listeners expressing their gratitude on how a specific topic helped them in resolving their marital issues and making the right decision. Sometimes the letter may be a request for advice on a marriage issue or it could be for more clarification on a podcast episode. These mails are worth more than finacial income to me, knowing i'm providing real benefits to couples gladens my heart. In addition, the constant downloads, the increase in number of listeners also shows that people are truly benefiting from the podcast. The better part is that it is free for anyone and everyone.                                                                                  This is an awesome project which is based on adding value to couple's marital life. Just listening to an episode of the podcast can turn marriages around for the better. There is nothing like having a stable relationship it goes a long way in marriage. When couples have a happy relationship, this will not only reflect on them but it will impact on their children and the society at large.

This is an Amazing Project in which i am inspired to give my whole self generously to enhance marriage relationships. You can also be part of this generousity by being involved as a donor. Hence, contributing in your own little way to bring joy, peace, happiness and stability to marriages around the world as this is what i am out to achieve with this project.                                                                                Marketing & Revenue Strategies
On Our Target Audience
MyMarriage Podcast is 4 months old and in this period we've gotten an audience which is spread far and wide, from over 30 countries. Most of my audience are from English-speaking countries. My first 5 Top Countries are Nigeria -50% United States-20% -South Africa 15% - United Kingdom 3% Ireland-3%
Other counties which are also a source of traffic but with about 2% are Canada, Ghana, Spain, Finland, India, Germany. As the podcast grows, i hope to see it reach more countries. This demographic goes to show that marriage issues cut across all countries. My listeners are from all walks of life, different ethnic and cultural background but are more interested in the value and words of wisdom derived from the podcast. Hence, regardless of country, status or color the podcast has a value to add to any marriage.                                                                                                      How We Built Our Audience
Before joining patreon i already have a growning online audience. I have about 1000 Subscribers and about 2000 downloads across all platforms. This i have acheived by uploading my podcast regularly and syndicating it on popular podcast apps.Though the podcast traffic its still growing but i hope to see more increase as i spread the podcast reach to blogs and more podcast platforms.
I post once every week- Every Monday to be precise. Every Monday a new podcast is posted across all podcast platform and later on Youtube. By being consistent and posting regularly on a specific day, listeners always know when exactly to expect a new episode and therefore look forward to this. Couples are always looking for practical words of wisdom to help them forge ahead in marriage, hence i update regularly and make it accessible on various platform.

With my years of experience in marriage , i clearly understand the pain and struggles couples face in marriage which has helped me offer practical and quality words of advice to couples through the podcast and that is why my audience keeps growing daily.                                                                                                                Why Use Patreon                                 The truth is that a lot of listeners out there especially those who have benefited from the podcast have the desire to support this project but does not know how , using Patreon bridges that gap and makes it easy for listeners to support the work regularly.                               
Last week i received a mail from a listener enquiring about a specific episode as it was no longer on the platform, it saddens my heart when listeners can no longer access a particular episode because it has been deleted by my host. Right now i am on the free hosting, hence i need fund to be able to move to the paid version so that listeners can continue to have access to all the episodes as long as they want. I also need to upgrade some of my recording equipment such as mic to ensure quality audio. I'm also looking at the possibility of getting a video camera so i can produce both audio podcast and video podcast on youtube to reach a more wider audience. I also plan to transcribe the audio, to make it easy for listeners to follow through.
I need to pay for fast internet access and sometimes run generator to upload post and shares, all these requires fund.

Though some of the cost (such as internet and Gen cost) I'm already running by myself but i definitely still need help with others. Hence,  the need to use Patreon to receive donation. Right now i am not making any finacial income from the podcast so your donations will go a long way in helping out with the above   intentions. As the patronage grows, so too will i be able to reach more people with the podcast.
                                                                    Patreon Revenue & Reward Strategy
I know that there are listeners out there just like you who desire to support this work. Hence, i always include the Patreon link on the episode notes whenever i upload a new podcast. I build patronage through podcast updates. Even though i stil have a lot to achieve but i am still thankful.

Though i take care of some of the fixed cost ( such as fast internet access for online services, generator) but i still need the donations to upgrade my hosting plan, get better recording equipment, transcribe the audio and delve into new ways to reach a wider audience. Your donation through Patreon will make this a reality.                                     
I will like listeners to have access to podcast as long as they want and I’d also like to provide podcast with better quality audio.

Patreon is making it possible for you to join others around the world to support MyMarriage Podcast on an on-going basis or a one off, so you can help to make this podcast available for free and reachable to couples all around the world whose marriage is being enhanced by the podcast.                                                       

I aim at raising $1000 monthly to cover all cost both fixed and capital of running the podcast. With your support through your generous donation i can continue to make the podcast available regularly for free.

Presently our Reward Strategy is in 5 categories:                                MyMarriage Podcast Exclusive          These are the precious supporters who make a monthly pledge of $5 and in return they get a onetime shouout on a podcast episode.                          MyMarriage Podcast Super Exclusive  These are listeners who wants the podcast to reach more people. They make a monthly pledge of $10, in return they get a onetime shout out on a podcast episode plus a bonus patron only podcast monthly.                                                     
MyMarriage Podcast Super Bronze
These are Patrons who are ready to give what it takes to make sure MyMarriage Podcast gets the needed support. They pledge $20 in return they get everything in super exclusive plus one on one chat with me twice.

MyMarriage Podcast Super Silver
These are listeners who have a very generous heart and really wants marriages to succeed. They pledge $25, in return they get everything in super exclusive plus one on one chat twice monthly.

MyMarriage Podcast Super Gold
These are patrons that are charitable, Pro Marriage, great supporters of great course. They pledge $30, in return they get everything in super silver plus a transcript of weekly podcast.
From the bottom of my heart i say THANK YOU 🙏 for becoming a patron and supporting this work. Be Blessed.

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