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About My Nerdy Neighbors

Hello Everyone, and Welcome to My Nerdy Neighbors!

Who are we?

First off, thank you for stumbling on to our little nerdy corner of the internet. My Nerdy Neighbors is small entertainment Podcast for all things nerdy!  Sci-fi, fantasy, video games, theatre, murder mysteries?!?! You name it! We're just here to chat about things that we love! We make a weekly podcast focusing on a little sliver of nerd culture.

What will we do using Patreon

If you choose to support us, we promise that the content will just get better. Higher quality podcasts, behind the scenes content, merch, and maybe even some guest nerds! 

Thank you again, Nerdy Neighbors!

We hope you enjoy the podcast and want to support us in future podcasting adventures! If you are able, please donate some money and join our little nerdy family! Thanks again for stopping by and give an episode a listen! If you have any ideas, thoughts, funny anecdotes please free to email us at [email protected] or tweet at us at @MyNerdyNeighbors! You can also visit our Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube for more content. Thank you, and don't forget to be nerdy! 

Much Nerdy Love,
India and Joe (Your Nerdy Neighbors)
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