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Thanks for the dollar!

Now, whenever I make something that allows for it, I'll be sure to mention you as a supporter, if you want!

You can also suggest a character to be in one of my stories, not a guarantee, though.

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You can ask me to Beta-read something, and you'll be at the top of the queue for a day. Then you go in First-Come, First Serve.

This is separate from the other $5 option.

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Well, now you get to suggest something to trope, that doesn't have a TVTropes page already, and I'll make the page for it.

You can suggest a work description, but it has to be original, that's policy.


Or, if you suggest a character at this level, I'll think of a short story for them, in one of my fics' settings.

This is separate from the other $5 option. 




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About Malady

Hello, my name is Malady, and I write and beta-read, among other word related things, like make TVTropes entries.

This Patreon is so I can keep doing those things, and if you donate, you get some control in what I actually do.

Here's some examples of things you could request, beyond beta-reading and TVTropes... There's a reason I picked "Words" as what I create.

Coding. Probably not the best idea, unless you're happy with Python, or you started something  in C, Java, etc, that you want help with...


Amateur fanfic.
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