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is creating a podcast show: "The Quest for Global Empathy"
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About Myles Dyer

Hey everyone! Hope all is well. :) Thank you so much for stopping by my Patreon page!

A quick introduction for those who don't know me...

My name is Myles and I'm based in the UK just outside London. I have lived, breathed and grownup in the world of YouTube since 2006, constantly experimenting with the platform to see & teach others how online video can be used as a vehicle for social change. My efforts covered a wide spectrum of subjects including education, mental health, politics and activism. Combine these experiences with the fact I have always been a people's person, and it'll come as no surprise that starting a podcast show has been an ambition of mine for many years.

The Quest for Global Empathy has begun...

#QuestForEmpathy is a new monthly podcast show containing open, honest & free-flowing conversations with guests, examining life experiences and what it can teach us about the human condition.

You can check out full episodes right now!

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The responses so far have been inspiring...

"Great long form podcast that throws up some interesting questions and opens up the discussion in a reasoned, rational yet entertaining way. Really excited to listen to future episodes and see where this show goes!" - Gemma Tomlinson, iTunes

"I've been following Myles for over a decade, now. There's been things I don't fully agree with (because we're different human beings), but his passion for empathy, understanding and mental health progression is something I'll always appreciate and respect. I can't wait to see where this show goes." - Shaina Lochner, Facebook

"It's great to hear interviewers asking relevant questions and interviewees sounding at ease and enjoying themselves during sessions. Two hours is a long time to sit down and have a conversation with someone but the time slips by. I'll definitely be back for more." - J Diana BH, iTunes

Help the #QuestForEmpathy achieve its goal by becoming a patron!

The first four episodes were made possible thanks to the support and funding from YouTube’s ‘Creators for Change’ initiative, of which I was made a UK Ambassador in 2018. However, my aim is to ensure that the ongoing production all comes down to grass-roots funding without reliance on sponsors or ad-revenue. This ensures editorial freedom for me and reassures that with my audience.

In a world where technology is disrupting traditional institutions amid increasing individual empowerment, I became focused on challenging the value systems we now need to evolve. Whether taking up the request to be a keynote speaker at a conference, reviewing morning papers on a radio show, providing video strategy consultancy to an organisation, or playing shows with his band Schemata Theory, I have constantly strived to be an educator. And so this podcast show seemed like the perfect opportunity to share my passions, here those of others, and make it clear that there is a real opportunity for citizens right across this planet - regardless of their background - to achieve global empathy.

-Myles x
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