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About Myles Jackman


One lawyer’s crusade to defend sexual liberty

"I bought Jackman a soft drink (he very seldom “uses” alcohol) and we carried it outside to where he could smoke – rolling tobacco for thrift. (He earns so little money from his work, which is often pro-bono)."

I am the only lawyer in the UK who specialises in obscenity law and sexual freedoms

What I do for You:

As an award-winning lawyer I am an expert at advising clients accused of sexual offences.

"Without Myles' advice, I would have lost my career" - 
Simon Walsh

I also provide a unique advisory service for clients in the arts and media; the adult industry; as well as offering pro bono advice for campaigns, organisations and activists.

"Myles is a crusader for sexual freedom" - Itziar Urrutia 

I have dedicated my career to challenging the legal framework by which sexual morality is constrained through my activism, campaigning, litigation and advocacy.

What You can do for Me:

Please help Me to help You by becoming my Patron. 

A donation of just $1 US Dollar a month will allow me to work pro bono on legal challenges like Judicially Reviewing the Extreme Pornography legislation under which Tiger Porn defendant Andrew Holland was prosecuted: Tiger Porn Victim Bites Back

I can also continue my cutting-edge work representing criminal defendants charged with consensual adult pornography offences and advocate for privacy and freedom of expression issues for members of the BDSM, LGBTQ, Adult-Industry and Sex-Work communities.

My Objectives Are:

1) To provide legal advice and representation for members of sexual minorities and to promote freedom of expression and privacy, for all consenting adults.

2) To campaign and advocate in public for the rights and recognition of the BDSM, LGBTQ, Adult Industry and Sex-Work communities.

3) To lobby, campaign and make legal challenges to the UK's obscenity laws including the Obscene Publications Act and the Extreme Pornography laws.

4) To lobby, campaign and make legal challenges to the UK's sex-work laws, working towards the goal of complete decriminalisation.

5) To spread this message of acceptance through mainstream and social media, through journalism, blogging, commenting and appearing in media outlets; as well as by providing free lectures to students, campaigns, organisations and individuals; and free legal advice clinics.

What I do Pro Bono:

I provide pro bono legal advice for the sexual liberties campaign Backlash

I am often contacted by individuals with issues, problems and enquiries about other areas of law arising out of their sexual preferences:

For example family law issues such as: aggrieved ex-partners making malicious allegations of “inappropriate” sexual behaviour (eg: private consensual bondage)

Or employment law issues such as: being “outed” at work; or being dismissed for “misconduct” (eg: viewing or making adult pornography in private; having an undisclosed second job as a sex-worker; or attending a fetish club).

What I do in Public:

I am also highly-regarded as a speaker and advocate for the BDSM, LGBTQ, Sex-Work, Adult Industry and Sex-Critical Academic communities.

I have made numerous media appearances, written articles, given commentary and lectures, often for free or at my own expense.

Media Appearances:
I have appeared on the BBC, ITV, Sky News, Channel 4 News and Al Jazeera English; been interviewed and quoted by The Independent, Guardian, Observer, Mail, New Statesman, Evening Standard, Scotsman on Sunday, The Economist and VICE; written well-received articles for The Independent and Guardian newspapers; as well as tweeting as @MylesJackman and blogging at

I have spoken at The World Humanist Congress in Oxford, the Open Rights Group, Onscenity Network, Libertarian Alliance and various LGTBQ, BDSM, legal, academic and adult industry conferences. My obscenity cases are taught at law schools across the country; and I have also lectured at law faculties including Birmingham, Birkbeck and Bristol UWE.

For More Information Please Visit My Website:

$494.64 of $1,000 per month
An initial $1,000 would cover my monthly administrative costs including: a Personal Assistant for 7 hours a week; a Research Assistant for 7 hours a week; and communications costs to ensure that I am always contactable on a 24/7 basis so I can help advise clients in emergency situations irrespective of the time of day or night.
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