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My awesome mega super awesome fun supporters
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The super awesome mega fun mega are awesome people who donate to me so that i can slowly improve. it will also help me as i do not have a good computer so i cannot really record it unless i somehow use my phone but that will be really hard so it wont happen for a while.




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Hello, mynemizjeef 935 and this is my patreon page where i take your money to help me with my YouTube channel and stuff to improve my quality. My YouTube channel is has the exact same name as my patreon page. You dont have to support my patreon but it would really help me for my YouTube and help me also publish a book I am currently working on so supporting me would really help, but that is just me begging for money :D You dont have to tho, just remember that!

GiVe mEh Ur MoNeY pLeZ :3

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