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Thank you, your $5 helps start the creative process and fuels the day. 

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Thank you for being a patron, travel down the road and.....  With this pledge you will know you have created two online videos for tik tok or facebook. Your funds help keep my art alive. 

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About Mysterion (Chris)

Being an artist during covid is virtually impossible. A myriad of barriers have made my quality of living go from self sufficient to reliant and dependent on handouts and a system that doesn't cover the basics to live in a city like Toronto.  In 2019 I invested my entire savings into work visas, trade shows, travel and more to get contracts for a lucrative 2020. That all came to a crashing halt and not only did I lose the income I also had to PAY to lose the income by my lost investments in my work. 

I have no sponsors or back up. I am the only gas that makes this machine roll. 

I have attempted to sell my show virtually and in a nutshell its not a viable source of income. Clients are just not willing to pay and the cost to run quality programs require me hiring a crew to essentially make a live TV show for a fraction of my usual live rate.  I decided to use other social media platforms and even went viral on tik tok, only to find out that creator funds are not allocated to Canadians. 

Your support will provide needed financial relief and stability when there is no income possible. It is also critical to my mental state to earn and create, this is very important and even a base pledge of $7.50 a month allows me to have the freedom to still create and survive as there is no end to this in sight.  If I can get 200 Patrons I will be in a much more secure place, that's 25cents a day.  Not much to ask. This is a game of numbers unless you wish to donate a higher amount. 

In a  nutshell I have NO MEANS to earn an income and its getting to be very taxing on my health and once this is over I deserve to come out running and ready, not destitute. I have paid my dues and more and need your assistance.  

Most Patreon platforms offer tiers with perks. I am allowing my content online to be accessible to all and your pledge thought of as a tip. 

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