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is creating I hope to explore fairy tales, folklore, myth & worldbuilding

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About Elliott Blackwell

For those new to my account, I hope it's a balm to soothe those who have been wounded by the sharp edge of reality & provides a place for you to dream, imagine & wonder. It's the wardrobe door that, when opened, magically allows you to be child-like again.

It's for kindred spirits who love to explore fairy tales, fantasy, folklore & myth. I honestly believe that fairy tales & stories have the same impact & weight in shaping who we are as the reality around us. Fairy tales are not things of whimsy. They are rooted deep in the cultures and subconsciousness of our ancestors. They are stories passed down from generation to generation because they have such fundamental power of revealing who we really are.
Anyone who dismisses fairy tales as "children's reading," have clearly never read them. Fairy tales have layers of meaning & symbols that reach deep into the psyche of loss, suffering & fear. The wickedness & virtues resonate within the reader because we are all darkness & light.

Through this Patreon account, I hope to begin exploring the process of creating fantasy by doing so. A novel I have been working on is set in the imaginary town of Whynot, North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains. While posting chapters from the novel, I also plan on creating the characters and stories of those who populate this town: not only in their daily lives but in the folklore that surrounds them (the deep, rich vein of Appalachian folklore) but also those brought with their ancestors who settled this area of North Carolina from England, Ireland, Scotland, Russia and Sweden. It was also once the land of the Cherokees, who influenced greatly the folk beliefs that are rooted in the landscape. By creating this fictional world, I also want to explore all of the myths and lore that shape them.

I want to share the books, art and films that are shaping my own creativity. 

What sustains and nourishes us during times of difficulty are beauty & wonder. They are gifts that speak to the deepest part of ourselves, lift the spirit & spark our own creative expression. My hope is that by exploring these tales that have shaped us & become ingrained in our collective consciousness, we can find new ways of expressing them through new narratives.

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