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You get that warm, fuzzy, Christmas-y feeling in your heart when you help a poor child's dream come true. Isn't that enough for you?
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For those of you who are familiar with our friend circle, it's no secret that we love comedy (making it, watching it, finding it in life's many clawing indignities). To that end, a group of us decided to get together about a year ago and start making sketch comedy on YouTube. The group was comprised of a photographer/cameraman/(then) amateur cinematographer, a primarily Shakespearean and Experimental Theatre actor (with a heart ACHING TO LEARN), a fearless leader (and comedy encyclopedia), and also our buddy Mike. Yet despite this motley crew (or Rat Pack?) of members, we managed to make something pretty damn cool, and unique, in the form of our videos (shameless masturbation is now complete, I promise).

So a year down the line, we are still here, and still making things! We have diversified into straight sketch comedy, a longer form mini- show, and even gaming videos. And as we work, the work gets better and better (yea, yea, I lied about the masturbation, LIVE WITH IT). However, we have been consistently plagued by the UTTER LACK OF FUNDS COMING FROM BEING 4 GUYS WITH SHITTY DAY JOBS IN LA. Freelance work may be awesome in terms of flexibility, but MAN does it leave some resources to be desired.


So the idea was hatched at our brainstorming meeting in late December (where we gather once a year to cocoon ourselves in whiskey, depression, and classic Bill Murray comedies) of creating this page and, just maybe getting enough for a small production budget.

That's it. Just enough so that we don't have to keep cleaning the change out of our cars to get basic shit needed for set.

Now, understand. We have no pretensions of greatness (only Dreams and Delusions). We are just trying to get enough support from the people who (hopefully) enjoy our work to be able to keep putting it out there, and maybe be able to do it with greater regularity and higher production quality.

Your support (even on a tiny scale) would allow us to, over time, buy real lighting equipment, costumes that don't come out of one of our members' mold infested trunks, makeup/ production people on call when needed, SHOOTING LOCATIONS THAT AREN'T OUR HOUSES, and camera equipment that will let us bring the MULTITUDINOUS ideas we have (but can't even begin to afford) to life.

Spare some change?
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We will release videos with costumes that didn't come from a trunk/Goodwill/our everyday fucking closets.
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