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The NBTMusicRadio is dedicated to getting indie music from all over the world out to listeners across the globe. Emerging artists are our lifeblood, although we play everything old and new from all the different musical tribes. Please DO get on and listen and SUPPORT all the other independent/unsigned artists we play, who as we prove every day, can feature next to a well known star and be just as good(most times BETTER) creatively and production wise. We are that rare radio that while glancing occasionally back, spend most of time racing happily towards the future. By supporting us , in your(our) own small way help a better, cool, brighter musical tomorrow. And here's the thing, if every band member we support, promote and play just pledged 1$ a month you could keep this station going until the end of time, allow us to keep totally up to date music and equipment wise and heck even buy lunch once or twice a week!
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