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About NFG(artist) / nniikkii_jjaayy

In 2015, I did a year long monthly art giveaway project on my facebook artist page. The main goal was to get art back on my priorities list. It was an opportunity to try new mediums, to make long time ideas finally come to life, and to learn a few life lessons-like letting go, opening up, and giving without expectation.

There were difficulties every month, often times personal, that would nearly derail the project. The year prior had been difficult, and I abandoned my passions almost completely. This challenge was in hopes of changing that. 2015 may have been one of the most difficult years at that point, and had it not been for the monthly giveaways, I'm not sure I would have created anything at all. 

2016 was another doozy of a year. But from the pain and difficulties, more creations emerged, and I feel I grew exponentially. I tried two more creative challenges: both involved watercolor pencils. The first was a painting a day for 30 days. The second round, I aimed to create 30 paintings within 30 days, allowing for more or less paintings to be done on a daily basis than the original challenge. I used to hate watercolors and was pretty nervous choosing that medium, but I needed something that could be done with very little space. My set up allowed me to even paint in bed if necessary! The first project had a second part to it - I had to give away ALL of the paintings, expanding on the lessons of letting go and giving without expectation. It turned into almost a meditative experience. On even the most difficult days, it was fulfilling to have  successfully prioritized creating and thrilling to have a physical piece of art out of it. 

The path of accepting myself as an artist has been challenging, and I know I still have plenty of layers of "limitations" to shed. Something popped into my head during one of the lower moments, when I was wondering if I should give up the artistic path... my favorite artists/musicians/creatives are those who fearlessly create deep, emotional, personal work that hits me right in the core of my being. Many of those have inspired me in personal ways, to become a better person, to dig within. They have taught me about passion, honesty, love, and life. I often find myself afraid to create - apparently I still have some fears of what others will think, if they will judge, if they will assume, if they will do something else with my work other than my intent - which is just to create from the heart. These creators who have inspired me have found their way out of this kind of fear, and I am so thankful they have. They have created things that express that which I can not, and I think that is so very important. Creatives can act as a medium for those who do not know how to express how they feel to release these things in some way.

I'm searching for new ways to continue the momentum of the past couple of years, to keep me creating and to continue releasing what I create. Art has found its way back into my life, and effects nearly everything I do, and that is an amazing thing! I would love to see where that road leads, to see more of my patiently waiting ideas come to life, to see what other inspiration pops up, to push myself creatively, and to continue growing as a person. 

I would also love to find/create ways of getting art out there that does not put the entire financial burden on the artist-there have to be better ways that don't run artists into the ground. I've seen too much that solidifies the "starving artist" concept, there has to be a better way. So even if you do not wish to support financially, I would love to hear any ideas that I/we could possibly try. Creative people are what help inspire, innovate, grow. Art enriches our lives. It makes us feel. It connects us to each other, it reminds us we're not alone, and it can awaken a part of our inner self. It is a form of communication that does not require language. It can heal. I've seen what can happen when creativity gets taken/lost, and I've seen incredible things happen when it is found. I think sites like Patreon are trying to help this issue. What other ways are there?

Music was my first love, and like art, life and a swarm of obstacles had set up camp in its place. I had really loved the impact of my other creative challenges, so in 2017, I started a monthly tiny tune project, in which I created one small instrumental (original) song each month. I was BRAND new to recording music. At the end of that year, I felt that I was just warming up, so I continued it into 2018, without the restriction of the song having to be tiny. I noticed I was beginning to get much more experimental in 2018, and loosened up quite a bit. So I am continuing this project for 2019. I have some new gear to help get better recordings, I've continued to learn, I've continued to experiment, and I am so darn inspired to keep exploring the possibilities of sound. No rules, other than the songs are originals, and instrumental and have to be released to Patrons by the end of the month. 

All previous songs can be found on my website:

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